Qinhuai District of Nanjing reported details of 2 local positive cases

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This article was transferred from;On March 15, Nanjing held a briefing on COVID-19 prevention and control to report the confirmed cases and epidemic prevention and control work in the city.Lu Jie, deputy head of Qinhuai District in Nanjing, said two local positive cases have been reported in the district since March 14.At 0:45 on March 14, a foreign nucleic acid test in ning personnel, found positive results (Wang Mou Guang, male, 31 years old, unemployed), has been transferred to the public health center for diagnosis and treatment.This person has a wide range of activities, involving 23 scenes, reminding the general public to do a good job of personal protection.At 6:00 am on March 15, in the nucleic acid test in the key area of Hongwu Road street, a third-party testing agency reported that a mixed tube (1:10) was initially tested positive. In the subsequent single sampling retest, Wang (male, 68 years old, retired), a resident of Shazhu Lane, was retested positive and transferred to the public Health center for diagnosis and treatment.On March 15, Nanjing held a briefing on COVID-19 prevention and control. Lu Jie, Deputy District Head of Nanjing Qinhuai District, announced:After the outbreak of the epidemic, Qinhuai District immediately started epidemic prevention and tracing. More than 20 teams were set up to trace the source of the epidemic, both online and offline, as well as in time and space.Investigation of Wang’s travel track, involving 23 scenes, control measures have been implemented.The work of tracing the origin of Wang’s flow is being carried out, and the results will be announced to the society through the official platform at the first time.Control key personnel.Up to now, a total of 159 secret contacts have been investigated, and 148 people have been sub-secret contacts, and control measures have been implemented for all of them.Ninety-eight environmental samples were collected, all of which were negative except for 4 samples in the room where the case was located.Nucleic acid testing has been carried out on all residents of hongwu Street, Confucius Temple Street, Chaotiangong Street and Shuangtang Street involved in the case trajectory. Nucleic acid samples have been taken from 285,391 people, and all the results have been negative.On March 15, Nanjing held a briefing on COVID-19 prevention and control. Lu Jie, deputy district governor of Qinhuai District, nanjing, announced that the district had quickly completed regional containment after the outbreak of COVID-19.At present, the urban joint prevention and control headquarters is studying the demarcation of containment and control areas according to the source of flow tracing and expert research, and will immediately announce to the public after the determination.At present, some schools in Qinhuai District suspended offline teaching.Since March 15, offline teaching activities have been suspended in six schools (kindergartens) in the qinhuai District surrounding the containment area.At the same time, nucleic acid testing has been carried out on all schools in the region since the afternoon of March 15. So far, all samples have been collected and the surrounding areas of the campus have been completely eliminated.Since March 10, a total of 30 people have been found to be positive through screening in Jiangning District, Nanjing, and all of them have been placed in custody.For the above positive people, Jiangning District quickly carried out epidemic prevention emergency treatment.Carry out traceability of flow regulation.Rapid investigation of close contact, secondary close contact and spatio-temporal companion, track crossing personnel.As of 17:00 on March 15, 549 people have been investigated for secret connections and 1206 people have been investigated for secondary secret connections. 847 people have been investigated for secret connections and 47 people have been investigated for secondary secret connections.On March 15, 23 new positive cases were reported in the initial screening, and the tracing work is being accelerated.Conducting nucleic acid testing.Two rounds of nucleic acid tests were carried out in Dongshan street on March 10 and 12 respectively on the basis of daily inspection in the containment area and every other day inspection in the control area.On March 13, nucleic acid testing continued in the whole region.Organize personnel transfer and isolation.In accordance with the requirements of synchronous flow regulation, synchronous transfer and synchronous isolation, the closed-loop process of transfer and handover shall be strictly implemented.By 17 o ‘clock on March 15, 4,523 people had been put under control.At present, Jiangning district has been expropriated isolation hotel 41.Nanjing Jiangning District will increase the frequency of nucleic acid testing in containment, control areas and isolation points to further understand the bottom number, control risks and cut the chain of transmission.The third round of nucleic acid testing in Dongshan Street will be carried out on March 16, and a new round of nucleic acid testing in the whole region will be launched in time according to the situation of the epidemic.Jiangning District will adjust the area of containment and control in a timely manner, and do a good job of traffic control at 12 “Laining Inspection Service points”, and strengthen the inspection and return of vehicles and personnel in Laining.(CCTV reporter Jing Ming, Yang Ying, Wu Rui, Xu Jing, Wei, Wang Haonan)