When Tsai Ing-wen mentioned Chiang Ching-kuo, Taiwan media hit the nail on the head: it was just a political calculation to seize power and centralize power

2022-05-12 0 By

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the “Seven Seas Cultural Park” built by the Taipei City government and Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Academic Exchange on Tuesday, Tsai ing-wen said Chiang ching-kuo’s stance of “firmly protecting Taiwan” was undoubtedly the most common consensus among Taiwanese people at that time, and a common feature of all of us.But on the other side of the democratic Progressive Party, some voices criticized Chiang Ching-kuo’s so-called “persecution of human rights.””Chiang Ching-kuo really started cross-Straits exchanges and dialogue,” chu said. “Today, the DPP is totally confrontational, which will only cause cross-Straits conflict and harm Taiwan.”He criticized the DPP for enjoying all the fruits of construction and Taiwan’s democratic opening without any gratitude.Since Tsai ing-wen arrived at the scene, she should have spoken out her thanks, instead of changing her name and insulting her by the DPP.As for Tsai Ing-wen’s claim that Chiang Ching-kuo “defended Taiwan against China”, Taiwan’s United Daily News said on Wednesday that Tsai ing-wen “respected Chiang” and political interests were important considerations, which would make the KMT’s position more embarrassing, especially in terms of Taiwan’s positioning and the right to interpret history.He Sishen, a distinguished professor of Japanese at Fujen University, complained that Chiang Ching-kuo does not deny that he is A Chinese, nor does he advocate “Taiwan independence”, which is the biggest difference between him and Tsai Ing-wen. If Tsai Ing-wen wants to affirm Chiang Ching-kuo, he should affirm all of them, rather than pick and pick.Cheng Qi-sheng, chief executive of Taiwan’s Association for Unification across the Taiwan Strait, said tsai’s speech was an abrupt and indignant attempt to win support from light blue and moderate voters. “It’s a wicked trick,” he said.Taiwan China Electronic newspaper published a commentary on The 23rd, pointed out that the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party (DPP) incite confrontation between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits, uglize the other side, all the measures are not on the premise of so-called “anti-China”, and this is not the intention of Chiang Ching-kuo, who is deeply concerned about “China”.”It is only a political calculation to seize power and centralize power by repeating Chiang Ching-guo and distorting him.”