A mysterious tribe in Malipo County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan province, still forbids marriage with other ethnic groups

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There is a mysterious tribe living in Chengzhai Village, Donggan Town, Malipo County. After liberation, they were classified into Yi nationality because of their similar living habits.However, their lifestyles, eating habits and language are very different from the Yi people. The local people call themselves the Bai Luo people, and the tribe will call themselves the Luo people.Malipo county is located at the junction of Yun, Guizhou and Guangxi provinces, far away from the traditional living area of yi people, and the traditional aborigines living in this area are zhuang, Miao and Yao minorities, why this very different minority people live here are very puzzled.Chengzhai Village is located in the east of Malipo County, 134 kilometers away from the county seat, which is a rare mysterious ancient village in China.There are more than 400 people in more than 90 families living in the village. Because chengzhai village is located in the remote mountains, the transportation is extremely inconvenient, and it is almost isolated from the rest of the world. It still retains the primitive way of life.The clothing, strange life style and strange language of other ethnic groups made it difficult to identify the ethnic group after liberation. Finally, relevant departments could only classify this mysterious tribe as Yi.Luo people live in the dry rail-style residential houses, pure wood structure gray fire tile two-story wooden building, with the nearby Miao yao stilted buildings are somewhat similar but different.Lo-built houses are almost all large families built together, while stilted buildings are almost single-family buildings. What they have in common is that the upper level lives people and the lower level houses livestock.Partition board is woodiness, sealing degree is extremely poor, when the smell of do not know ground floor comes up, whether can stand, what cannot stand more is the mosquito of summer.However, the frequent contact with the outside world in recent years has led to a new way of life in which humans and animals are separated.Whimsical clothing, similar to traditional Yi clothing but slightly different, the Lo people prefer white clothes, while the Lo people wear clothes made by hand.Yi people’s traditional clothing is less colorful but white, and women wear different hats.Currently, there are more than 400 Lo people living in chengzhai villages, while the total number of Lo people living in Cloud, Guizhou and Guangxi is only more than 2,000. The reason for not registering Lo people as a single ethnic group may be that the total population of Lo people is too small when conducting ethnic registration in those years.Villagers in Chengzhai village describe ancestors who migrated from the Tianshan Mountains more than 1,000 years ago, travelling thousands of miles because of wars and natural disasters.The war in The Tianshan Mountains over 1000 years is probably related to the Tuyuhun dynasty established by dangxiang people in Shaanxi and Gansu and the Tubo War, and The Luo people are very likely to be descendants of Dangxiang people.After being defeated by the Tubo, the Dangxiang people fled everywhere. Some of them settled down in northern Sichuan and became the present Qiang people. One of them lived in Ningqiang County, Hanzhong, Shaanxi.Luo people’s ancestors fled from the Tianshan mountains all the way to the junction of cloud, Guizhou, Guangxi, see here the original forest densely covered, desolate around the decision to fall industry again.Worried about foreign harassment and build a city on a hill, luo people descendants will also live in their own place called walled village.Lua people travel all the way fighting wars with other peoples, so that after settling down there, they no longer have any contact with the outside world and live an isolated life.War and death there is a way to overwork, make luo people’s survival consciousness desire is very strong, vigilance is very high, cut off from the outside world will be out of touch with the ever-changing world, from now on with the modern society.It is the luo people’s isolation from the outside world that keeps the traditional customs of the tribe intact.Luoluo people are immigrants from the Tianshan Mountains, and there is a great controversy there.The aborigines living in the border of Cloud, Guizhou and Guangxi were called Luoyue people in ancient times, while Luoyue people were shortened to Luoyue people. Luoyue and Luo are the same pronunciation, but there are some differences in pronunciation due to geographical isolation and other reasons.As luoyue people evolve and develop constantly, Luoyue people cannot change with the changes of the outside world, so they inherit the ancient customs of luoyue people. Many people are sure that Luoyue people are the descendants of ancient Luoyue people.That seems to make sense, but the lo people’s lifestyles and languages are so different without a good explanation that the Lo people’s descriptions can only be used to determine where it comes from.Luoluo people are immigrants from Tianshan Mountain, no matter they are descendants of Luoyue people, Chengzhai Village is the most intact ancient village in China. That is true.The most peculiar thing about White Luo people is the way of marriage. If a couple gives birth to a daughter, they will first marry their children to the boys of aunts, aunts and uncles, commonly known as niang walk, until the boys of relatives can marry others.There is an ancient saying that men and women of their proper age are not allowed to marry other people.In recent years, the young people in Chengzhai villages have gone out for work. If they reach the marriage age, they must return to chengzhai village to marry the tribesmen.If a man or woman marries a foreigner, he or she is not allowed to return to the village.If he cannot return to his village after divorcing from another ethnic group, he should be responsible for his marriage to the end.Luo people get married in a simple way, as long as the most prestigious luo people simply perform a ceremony to get married.Divorce is also very simple, the highest generation of people about two couples to divorce came to a tree, prepared the rooster has not castrated, rooster and then with chicken blood drops on the palm of the two people, from then on the two do not contact.Many also question whether the Lo people, with a population of more than 2,000, who are banned from marrying outside their ethnic group and can only choose their spouses within their own tribe, will be cousins-in-law.Currently, there are 2,000 White Luo people, while more than 400 people live in urban villages. Young men and women in the village can only get married in the village, and the probability of close relatives getting married is greater.In fact, there is no need to worry. Among the more than 400 people in Chengzhai village, there are Chen, Luo, Liu, Mo, Li, Wang, Lu, Tian and Zhang families. In the process of marriage, all pay attention to relatives and seniority, and it is absolutely impossible to marry close relatives.Chengzhai Village has been included in the first batch of traditional ancient villages in China. If you like to visit ancient villages, why not come and have a look?Luo people have many taboos, the most taboo is not to enter residential houses without the owner’s permission, I wish you a pleasant journey.This article is a record of the manuscript, see things say things, see its think, think of writing, if there is wrong place, please forgive us, thank the broad masses of readers to read this manuscript, please give constructive comments.Original articles, plagiarism shall be prosecuted.