Anshun College has added two new majors: “Dance” and “Credit Risk Management and Legal Prevention and control”

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The Ministry of Education announced the filing and approval results of undergraduate majors in colleges and universities in 2021, adding 1,961 majors and canceling 804 majors, and listing 31 new majors in the Catalog of Undergraduate Majors in Colleges and universities.Credit Risk Management and Legal Prevention and control, two record majors applied by Anshun University, have been approved to enroll students.Anshun College has added two new majors: “Dance” and “Credit Risk Management and Legal Prevention and control”.Dancing specialty aims to cultivate all-round development of morality, intelligence and physique, has the good cultural quality and moral cultivation, to be able to do in the middle and primary schools, secondary vocational and professional art groups, cultural center (station), tourism and culture art department such as post work in the dance teaching dance, dance performances, choreographer, theoretical research of local, applied talents.The major of Credit Risk Management and Legal Prevention and control aims to cultivate legal professionals with firm political stance, adherence to the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical education, aesthetics and labor, broad knowledge vision and solid foundation of law. In response to the needs of the era of China’s social credit system construction,Geared to the needs of a state organ institution or department responsible for the social credit system construction of credit supervision, for the enterprises and institutions, social organizations in the credit management job, for credit, credit evaluation, bad asset disposal, debt collection, credit repair credit service industry, cultivate not only know the law, management and knowledge of the comprehensive and specialized talents,It can adapt to the special needs of credit risk management and legal prevention and control of individuals, enterprises and governments under the technical background of Internet and big data, and provide precise legal services for the whole process of credit risk management before, during and after the event.In recent years, Anshun College has taken the initiative to promote the construction of “Four New” majors in combination with its disciplinary advantages and school-running characteristics.The approval of the new undergraduate major makes the disciplinary structure of the university more scientific and reasonable, and the disciplinary system more complete, covering engineering, science, art, management, education, literature, law and other disciplines.Future, anshun college will continue to improve the demand oriented professional structure adjustment mechanism, to further improve the new professional talent training plan, strengthening the construction of teaching staff and teaching software and hardware conditions, continuously improving the quality and level, specialty construction and new social demand docking emerging disciplines, upgrade the traditional specialty connotation, improve service ability to national strategy and regional economic and social development,To cultivate more first-class undergraduate talents to meet the national strategy, industrial needs and future development.(Photo provided by publicity Department of Anshun University)