God of the Ages, Thunder, it’s over

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The time of the jacking is too early, if the jacking can be late into the bureau, the thunder world will not be out of trouble.After all, the zunzao’s original plan was to wait until the battle between Zhao Gongming and Lei Zu was over and pick a winner to win the throne of the heavens.Did not think of the bright palace people too fast, robbed zunzun forced to move.Zhang Ruochen was there to buy time.It was going to be one against one. Raizu is in the right place at the right time, maybe he can win. Now it’s two against one.Rob zunzun in the past will not always move zhao Gongming, rob zunzun can only deal with thunder, rob zunzun a move, can be defeated.The strong are wounded in the midst of the eternal.There is a huge difference in life level between the great free and the immortal.A move to take the zunzu, it is estimated that Lei Zu will be hit hard in an instant, directly suppressed.Crushed by the Apocryphal Tower.Because the unconscious Raizu can no longer control the Crucible.Just in time to take it from him.This is a battle raizu must win, or the Sea of Uncertainty will be repopulated with the armies of heaven and hell, and their great secrets in the Sea of Uncertainty will be revealed.Right now, thunder is a losing situation.Because Of the end of Leizu, the surrounding sky watching the battle are the monks of Heaven, the monks of Heaven will not stop the looting, the monks of the minefield are not strong, also can not stop the looting.Thunder punishment in order to avoid too, fled to hate the depths of the day, short time back.Raizu has only one end, which is to be crushed and fall.He must also come back, because the layout of the sea can not be known by heaven, Lei Zu can not block, he must block.If the thunder does not come out, the secret of the thunder will be known by the heaven, in the sea around the eternal infinite watching.A minefield arrangement, once discovered, would be destroyed on the spot.Thunder punish heavenly honour to come back, can be immersed in dead game again likely.For Mungo may also be a supreme power beyond the peak of the infinite.If Haotian hands, Haotian and Menggo two people together, lose the tower of god refining thunder penalty may be big things.Thunder punishment is also worried, this is for his bureau, if tianmu was born at this time, then thunder punishment fall, will be a kind of inevitable.Perhaps at this time haotian from hate days waiting for thunder punishment appear.Yes, the battlefield is supposed to be in hell.Because thunder punishment heavenly Lord in the minefield can mobilize endless thunder.Gain the blessing of massive thunder rules.Combat power will be greatly increased.It is not rational to fight the Thunder Lord in the thunder realm.It’s hard to kill thunder and punish god in the minefield.Now the thunder has left the thunder, as long as you know his position, perhaps heaven will send out a thunderclap.There’s a chance Tianmu will do something.At that time, Lei punished Tianzun to deal with Him in the yunshan area of Luozu, which turned the whole area into a sea of fire. Most of the monks under the god of Luozu Yunshan area fell in the aftershock of the battle, and there appeared a fault in the whole area of the monks.Tianmu would never forget this grievance.Tianmu said that after ten thousand years can leave, this should be deceived thunder punishment.If just ten thousand years, thunder will be in the thunder world ready to wait for tianmu.In the Sea of uncertainty, Tianmu may not beat the thunder.For tianmu, the best is to wait for the thunder penalty to leave the thunder, and then the thunder penalty is tied down, short time cannot leave the time to move.If thunder punishment from hate days hao tian found, and then hao Tian pinned down, that is the best chance for tianmu.A long time has passed, and qiangshaq is almost refined.When the time comes to leave a split to continue to suppress qiang Shaq, real body to deal with thunder punishment.Besieged by three heavenly figures, the probability of thunder punishment will fall.Thunder punishment fall, the probability of thunder will be completely broken, disappear between heaven and earth.If the quantity organization wants to save the thunder punishment, it is necessary to turn out more cards and bring more hidden forces to the surface.At present, the strength of the quantity organization is very strong, but there is only one powerful person.The battlefield of the four heavenly lords is beyond the reach of any other friar in the organization.The worst case scenario is a thunderbolt fall and the minefield is shattered.The best case is the thunder punishment dare not come back, continue to hide from hate day.In that case, The Raizu will fall, and the secrets of the Thunder clan will be revealed and destroyed in a single sweep.Minefields are also likely to break.In this case, the thunder bound only left a person punished by thunder.There is a deadly threat around the phoenix day, Zhang Ruochen is a hero of the world, Lei Zu must strike, what is the secret plan of the Thunder clan zhang Ruochen fighting fake heaven, Coro is doomed want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Ye Yang Qian Long