IFTY’s return to the “championship squad” has improved in training matches

2022-05-13 0 By

In a recent T0 training match IFTY and PeRo had problems with their spots and were even beaten 0-10 at one point.IFTY had no choice but to try the old team of 2019. He was so anxious to get the chance to play in the training match that he even went to PeRo for a game when the players were not available. It could be seen that he was very eager to play in the match.Longskr, old, small nine, thin cold plus one has left the sun, it’s basically IFTY first squad and this is their strongest, leaving behind the sun, thin cool down second team, because a team conflict will negate the original system and playing it is not appropriate, even if the sun did not come to IFTY in June, 2019,At that time, they were already a strong team, and the addition of Sun was even more icing on the cake. He made the original IFTY even better.So before the 2022 spring they again in the corner will be moved from the old team three years ago, now in a training game performance is good, at least better than the previous few days, and occasionally still can eat chicken, even now sun is not the same set of system that is compatible with points against other teams, after all this a few people together to play a lot of season,They’ve had a lot of success, they know how to win, maybe a little bit worse in operations and in command.When IFTY won the championship of PCS1 and PCM Masters, it was so beautiful and powerful that all the teams at the same time were terrified to see IFTY. Unfortunately, the fate of Hot Sun and IFTY has come to an end. Hot Sun did not win the world championship in the three years of IFTY, which may be the most regrettable thing for “A plus” and LongSKR.Sorry can’t make up for in the past, spring 2022 photo there will be eight places through intercontinental event, it is a good thing for IFTY, but if they want to before the playoffs should use that group of people, other and longskr cooperate not, really really don’t want them what strange permutation and combination, in the whole state of mind put away a little,Just make sure Longskr can win c, and as long as the rest of the team doesn’t mess up, there’s no problem getting a spot in the continental championship.