Weicheng small grid members play a big role in epidemic prevention and control

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Recently, wei city in accordance with the principle of “the net into the lattice, leave no dead Angle”, give full play to their maximum advantage of the grid management, the community grid as the epidemic prevention and control the swimmer, grid member as the “backbone” of the epidemic, cooperate the four streets 56 communities to establish 298 grid, each grid is equipped with a full-time member, carries out the fine prevention and control measures,To build an impregnable fortress of epidemic prevention and control for the residents in the area.Policy propagandist, be good “small horn”.Conscientiously perform the duties of “propagandist”, widely publicize the guidelines and policies, laws and regulations of epidemic prevention and control and the deployment of epidemic prevention and control in central and urban areas, timely publicize all kinds of epidemic prevention and control policies through mobile “small speakers” and community wechat groups, ensure that ordinary people do not gather and key people do not go out, and do a good job of guidance.Information collector, be a microscope.Grid members make full use of the advantages of being “close to neighbors and aware of people’s situation”, and comprehensively grasp the relevant information of community people’s vaccination, nucleic acid testing, control of key groups, registration of migrants and other information through telephone interviews, household visits and wechat group notifications, and establish detailed ledger to help epidemic prevention and control.Troubleshooter, be a searchlight.Grid workers, volunteers and staff of responsible units work together to carry out health code and travel code checks for people from key areas returning to And from Weihe, and implement a 24-hour on-duty inspection system for health dead spots, blind control areas and areas where people easily gather, thus providing an “umbrella” for epidemic prevention and control.The masses waiter, be a good “good Samaritan”.While implementing the epidemic prevention and control policies for people living at home, families with living difficulties and other people, we will ensure their livelihood. For families with students, we will help schools build Bridges between them and ensure that students are not suspended from school.Conflict mediator, be a good “lubricant”.In view of the historical problems left over by some old communities and various conflicts during epidemic prevention and control, grid workers took the initiative to act as conflict mediators, collecting and sorting out the clues of problems reported by the inspection and the masses.Through five package (1 streets cadres, 1 community grid member, a grassroots health institutions medical staff, 1 community police, 1 or more volunteer workers) service team can handle the scene processing, processing is not the first time report to coordinate processing, epidemic prevention and control for the community to build up a solid barrier “epidemic”.Organization leader, as a good “leader”.The proposed grid member responsibility in epidemic prevention and control into the “interim measures for assessment of wei city community grid member management”, clear the grid member as grid led the epidemic prevention and control management personnel, in charge of contact with other staff, coordinate grid area sinking cadres and volunteers, organize personnel according to common disposal emergencies, the spread of disease, and so on and so forth.(Xianyang Daily all media reporter: Cui Yixin) Statement: Reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn