Zhucheng important agricultural meteorology special report!

2022-05-13 0 By

Peninsular network on March 16, zhucheng Meteorological Bureau issued an important agricultural meteorological special report at 11 o ‘clock on March 16.Affected by the strong cold air, it is expected that there will be strong cooling, strong wind and other cold weather in Zhuhai from the night of March 16 to the night of March 20.Due to the early temperature is higher, the cold wave weather will have a greater impact on our city’s agriculture.The temperature continued to drop since the early morning of the 17th, with a cooling range of about 10℃ in the process. The lowest temperature in the process appeared on the early morning of the 20th and 21st, with the lowest temperature reaching -5 ~ -3℃ and the lowest temperature in the greenhouse dropping to 8 ~ 10℃.The temperature began to rise during the day.Affected by it, the city’s winter wheat, open-air fruit trees flower buds vulnerable to freezing damage.At the same time, from the night of 16th to 17th, the wind is strong in our city, and the northeast wind gradually increases to level 4 ~ 5 gust level 6 ~ 7, which is easy to cause the shed membrane tear.On the night of the 17th, the wind gradually decreased to force 3 ~ 4.In addition, the 16th night to the 18th, parts of the city have light rain or sleet.Due to the late sowing of winter wheat in Our city, weak individuals, less root system, high temperature in the early stage, rapid growth after green, cold resistance is poor, low temperature caused by winter wheat freezing risk is greater, it is suggested to timely take watering, suppression, spraying foliation fertilizer and other anti-freezing measures.Low temperature may cause freezing damage to flower buds of fruit trees such as apricot and cherry.The wind is gradually increasing tonight. It is suggested to reinforce the greenhouse and tighten the membrane to prevent excessive wind speed from damaging the membrane. Please take precautions.