Deputy district chief Wang Qizhi investigated the operation of the Winter Olympics city to ensure the situation

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In the morning of February 10, Deputy district chief Wang Qizhi carried out on-site research on the operation and guarantee of the City for the Winter Olympics.At the winter Olympics security service station of the Sanitation Center, Wang Qizhi checked the storage of sanitation vehicles, tools and snowmelt agents, visited the sanitation workers on site, and made arrangements for the preparation of snow and cooling weather from the afternoon of 12th to the night of 13th.He called for a firm sense of “snow is an order”, always pay attention to weather conditions, be ready for war at any time, and ensure that facilities and equipment are perfect, materials are adequate, and personnel are full;We should take the initiative to meet the needs of venues, stations and hotels for the Winter Olympics, and give priority to ensuring the main road conditions such as Olympic lanes and venue liaison lines.At Jin ‘anqiao station of M11 Line, Wang Qizhi inspected the situation of the “four major orders” nearby and pointed out that: first, attention should be paid to the loess exposure of newly opened roads, strengthen inspection efforts, and keep abreast of the coverage of the green network;Second, we should pay attention to the problem of dead branches and white garbage under the bridge, organize personnel to clean inflammable dead branches and white garbage under the bridge, eliminate safety risks in time, and ensure that the space under the bridge is clean and tidy;Third, we should pay attention to the parking order of non-motor vehicles, make full use of the space under the bridge, study efficient and reasonable non-motor vehicle parking scheme, to ensure the smooth passage of pedestrians and vehicles.Subsequently, Wang Qizhi on xilongduo shopping mall non-resident users of the safe use of gas and the operation of the ancient city liquefied gas station for safety inspection.He stressed: merchants to effectively improve the safety of gas awareness, the inspection found problems, to implement rectification, from the source to eliminate hidden dangers.Gas supply enterprises should improve the operation frequency of pipe network around the Olympic-involved sites and the frequency of household inspection, strengthen the connection with the Olympic-involved sites, provide high-quality and safe supply guarantee and emergency support for the Olympic-involved sites, and prepare for emergencies.The competent department of the industry should earnestly implement the supervision responsibility of the industry, urge the merchants to rectify the existing problems, establish the rectification ledger of hidden gas problems, and implement closed-loop management.Responsible persons of the district Urban management Committee, Market Supervision Bureau, Culture and Tourism Bureau, Traffic Detachment, sanitation Center, Urban management law Enforcement Bureau, Gucheng Sub-district Office and Jinding Sub-district Office participated in the survey.Editor in charge: Man Jiangyue