Famous enterprises gather together, and there are thousands of jobs waiting for you

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Job fair site China Gansu Network February 12 news (this network reporter Shen Wengang) February 12, Gansu human resources services market (square east mouth) spring series of large-scale job fair officially opened.The 14 large-scale job fairs will provide employment service platforms for employers and all kinds of job seekers to boost high-quality employment.Between February 11th and March 27th,Lanzhou city human resources and social security bureau, lanzhou city bureau of industry and information technology, employment and personnel services, lanzhou lanzhou city federation of trade unions and lanzhou city veterans service center and other units will have organized 2022 “spring breeze action” concentrated day activities, lanzhou lanzhou city veterans and active-duty military families spring large-scale job fair, specialization, “new” small and medium in gansu provinceEnterprise special talent fair, “Chunhua • Longjuyingcai” large-scale talent fair and other special events, for all kinds of job seekers to provide suitable positions.This recruitment activity has a large number of recruitment units, a wide coverage and a large selection, with a total of more than 3,500 jobs to choose from, involving construction, administrative clerk, financial cashier, technology research and development, education and training, sales management, production operations and other positions, providing a rich career space for the majority of job seekers.