In the New Year, stick to these three things and your life will get better and better

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Spring returns to the earth and all things grow.The four seasons have begun a new cycle.The New Year, we should also start from a good habit and mentality, to get a new round of growth.These three things, if you can keep doing well, your life will be better and better.There is a saying in reading: all are inferior, but reading is high.There is no end to learning.A person regardless of age, educational status, economic poverty or wealth?Are inseparable from reading, learning.Reading and learning is a person rich spiritual food.To the striver forward power;To the suffering people with the courage to live, to the people who love life love and joy.Reading and learning is the key to the happy life of a person, a family and even a family.Don’t be proud, don’t feel inferior, don’t complain, don’t be discouraged, don’t give up, don’t be afraid.Often Thanksgiving, often thinking, often introspection, often self-help, often zero, often start, often insist, often appreciate, often pay.Reading and learning is a person’s lifelong career.The abdomen has poetry qi from China.People who often read books and people who often do not read books, their soul reflects their temperament, life ability, is visible to the naked eye is not the same.Often reading and learning, infiltrating the book fragrance of the people, not necessarily exports into chapters, such as divine help.But its own speech accomplishment, habit persistence, cognition, pattern, self-crossing and other abilities will be improved.Stick to doing a good job of reading, let the mind walk on the uphill road.Gain enlightenment for intelligent life.There is a saying that living water is important in the flow, life is important in movement.Exercise is the nourishment of life, fitness is the nutritionist of youth.A wang and clear water, if not flow, over time will become a pool of stagnant water;No matter how expensive and advanced a machine is, if it is not used regularly, over time it will become a pile of scrap metal.A healthy and strong body, if not exercise, over time will become bloated dull, disease.It is not uncommon to have power, status, money and fame all one’s life. What is rare is to have a healthy body.There are people who live to 100 years old and are still healthy and full of energy.Some 30 years old, look at the past is not young, spirit is not straight, three high pester.Only with good health and a long life, can we continue to learn and think, and be able to do more things we want to do to achieve the ideal goals in our hearts.Only a healthy body, long life, to go more road, see more want to see the scenery, arbitrary mountains and seas, poetry and the distance;Only with good health and a long life can we have more time to spend with our loved ones, family and friends, more energy to love and be loved, and more happiness.And above cannot do without insist on exercise.Exercise, you don’t have to spend a lot of time at the gym to exercise.It can take many forms.For example, it can be doing housework.Take an hour every day to clean the house, laundry cooking, storage, dust and mop the floor.Doing so not only burn fat, but also improve the digestive capacity of peristalsis, get health, but also because of the clean and tidy home environment to obtain physical and mental happy effect.It could be jogging, walking.Take thousands of steps each day, whether it’s commuting to work or walking and talking with your family after dinner.Try to find time to jog once or twice a week.A snail can run.Because of regular aerobic exercise, you can make the body swing in all directions.Each organ, each nerve tissue can be in continuous jogging, walking, get the flow of qi and blood nourishing.This gives the body a layer of protection from disease and reduces stress.Can also be rope skipping, playing badminton, dancing activities and so on.A few minutes of rope dancing every day, weekly badminton, regular music to do a simple dance steps, aerobics.In short, exercise, so that the body regularly sweat, so that the body and mind to relax.Life lies in exercise, always keep a healthy body, is a lifelong need to develop a good habit.Things get lost, milk gets spilled, school and work become difficult, relationships and marriages become difficult, and there are always disagreements between loved ones.As long as people live, every day may have different regrets and troubles.Each day brings different experiences, difficulties and stresses.But individuals’ ability to achieve happiness varies widely.It is said that mentality is everything.Some people because of temporary annoyance regret, temporary dissatisfaction and choose to be depressed and irritable, depressed.Time indulge in misfortune is difficult to extricate themselves, not from self-hatred sigh angry, is to meet people chattering complaints.Accumulated pain day by day.But some people let go easily, know how to let go immediately, will make the necessary separation.See today’s difficulties as stepping stones to better yourself.Leave today’s regrets to yesterday.Will also be in the morning after the arrival of trouble with the wind away.Seize on all the meaningful things and people today, as well as those precious moments of happiness.Read and study every day, exercise every day, walk through the door every day, and before you go to bed, clear away the worries and regrets of the day.Keep independent thinking, cheerful mood and healthy body.Always love and warmth, always Thanksgiving, always remember joy and precious, always know how to zero and empty.Start the New Year by doing these three things consistently.Let our life more and more beautiful sunshine.