Low profile and fuel saving, standard with 1.8L+48V light mix, Lexus CT home can be considered

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Among many luxury brands, we think of BBA, but Lexus remembers the attention of the market with its excellent quality, especially in China, which is welcomed by low-key local tycoons. As its cost-effective choice, Lexus CT has always maintained a relatively high level of attention in the market.So the strength of this car should not buy?Take a look at the details below.First of all, in terms of appearance, the appearance of lexus CT inherits the family style. The front face adopts the upper and lower integrated grille, which is shaped like a spindle and has a large area. The grille with gradual effect has a strong sense of visual impact.LED headlights have been a relatively sharp shape, further strengthen the visual experience, and this model is also equipped with headlamp cleaning function, which is relatively rare in the luxury brand models at this price.The car body adopts the hatchback car design, the long front and short rear doors bring a certain sense of movement to the car body, and the five-spoke wheel rim improves the visual impact effect.More yacht window to join, became the focus of young people talking about cars.In addition, as a compact hatchback, its length, width and height are 4360/1765/1455mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2600mm, so its size is not outstanding in the same class.The rear of the car looks relatively stable as a whole. Although the taillight is designed through, the size looks relatively large and the recognition is very high.The rear under the surrounding shape is more sharp, but there is no bilateral exhaust layout, a little sporty.Lexus CT in interior didn’t bring too much surprise, the control of the design style of design is still early, did not adopt new design language family, feeling is lack of science and technology, with only a high models with a 7-inch LCD screen for intermediate, in addition, more physical buttons and also with the style of the car interior design in some place,It may not look fashionable, but it is true that it is practical, including functional aspects.The material used in the car also uses a lot of soft material, the grade sense of performance is more prominent.In terms of power, lexus CT is equipped with a 1.8L naturally aspirated engine and a 48V motor to form a light mixing system.The engine has a maximum power of 73kW and a maximum torque of 142N·m, while the integrated power of the system can reach 100kW and is matched with an E-CVT continuously variable transmission.This powertrain will not bring strong power output, its biggest feature is fuel economy, it is reported that the car’s NEDC comprehensive fuel consumption is only 4.6L, compared with the same level of competing products, obviously Lexus CT has more obvious advantages.Overall, the EXTERIOR design of the Lexus CT still appeals to many young consumers, but its interior styling is too outdated, and the power aspect is not for young people’s taste, but the fuel economy is very outstanding.If you need a niche car from a luxury brand that doesn’t require much power or interior design, the Lexus CT is a good choice.