OEMSF denied access to the Pony tool while activating Windows

2022-05-14 0 By

I believe that many people who love the installation system will know the pony activation software OEM7, so you have not encountered the following problem?When we installed the system to activate Windows with the pony activation software OEM7 zone, the activation failed and the pop-up box prompt: Cannot open file “C:OEMSF” denied access.Oem7 for system knowledge almost white I query a lot of information, the final solution is as follows: 1, first of all to ensure that you log in the system account is the administrator account administrator;2. Open the Start menu – enter CMD – right-click CMD in the upper left corner – Run with administrator rights – Enter net User Administrator /active:yes (note that there is a space before /active) – Press Enter. If correct, the command completed successfully will be displayed.CMD. Execmd3, open hide Protected operating system files and Show Hidden files, folders and drives in the system;The method is as follows (windows7 as an example) : my computer – tools – folder options – view – then remove the “hidden protected operating system files” in front of the √, select “show hidden files, folders and drives” can be – ok;4, Find OEMSF under drive C (right-click administrator to obtain ownership if necessary) — right-click — remove the √ in front of read-only;5. Use pony activation software to activate;