Race against the virus

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– letter on March 14 (xinhua Lu Yanrong) COVID – 19th outbreak have public security resolutely implement the prevention and control of the deployment, the firm faith, in the same boat, according to the requirements of the scientific and precise ShiCe, to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control of various to safeguard people’s lives and safety, health and social stability.In view of the severe epidemic prevention and control situation, the special follow-up team of the sub-bureau took the initiative and worked overtime to promote the solid and orderly implementation of social follow-up work day and night.”Follow-up is an important part of epidemic prevention and control, as well as the most basic and important link in the initial screening stage of epidemic prevention and control.”Han Lin, deputy chief of the social follow-up team, said, “The number of follow-up data involving our bureau is increasing, and the average number of follow-up visits will reach tens of thousands every day.”In order to effectively cope with the sudden increase in the number of follow-up visits, the follow-up personnel of each police station carry forward the spirit of continuous operation, regardless of hardship or fatigue, to prevent and control the epidemic, to ensure the health of the people as their own duty, day and night, always with the most powerful measures, the most practical action, in-depth implementation of the verification and follow-up work mechanism.”We need to follow up hundreds of pieces of information every day, and we need to check whether there is a risk of transmission in the first place so that we can take further prevention and control measures.”Nine water police station follow-up Wang Yuan see said, “sometimes encountered at work, and contact is not on the circumstances of the parties, we will try to, make contact with the parties in other ways, such as text or contact with his family to a party, etc., in short a purpose, is to surmount every difficulty to contact every possible risk outbreak spread.”In view of the needs of epidemic prevention and control and the actual situation at the grass-roots level, the Licang public Security Bureau gave full play to its functional advantages, strengthened information screening, worked from the source of information, avoided repeated verification, and tried its best to reduce the pressure on the grass-roots police.At the same time, strengthen cooperation with relevant departments, strengthen information sharing, improve work efficiency.Racing against the virus and time, licang public Security will strictly implement the prevention and control requirements, emphasize politics and responsibility, without conditions or concessions, and make every effort to build a solid barrier for epidemic prevention and control in Licang!