The most shining coordinates! Remembering the revolutionary martyrs and reliving the eventful years, the Red Memorial Hall during the Qingming Festival is full of vigor

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“My mother told me that tomb-sweeping Day is to commemorate loved ones who have passed away, but also to remember the revolutionary martyrs.”In the Memorial hall of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, a small audience Chen Yaling wrote her feelings on a “leaf” and stuck it on the wall of “Qingming Message”.On the first day of the Qingming Holiday, the wall became lush with yellow, green and blue “leaves”, which were letters written by the audience to the martyrs.The Memorial Hall of The Chinese People’s War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression.In the exhibition hall of the Anti-Japanese War Museum, visitors stop in front of exhibits to learn the stories behind them.After visiting the exhibition, wang Yubo, the audience, felt deeply: “It is the revolutionary martyrs who bought us today’s happy life with their blood. I specially chose the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday to visit the Anti-Japanese War Museum to remember the martyrs, which inspired me to inherit the red tradition and revolutionary spirit.”The Museum also held a special live broadcast of “Tomb-Sweeping Day’s Remembrance — Remembering the Martyrs and Forging the Chinese Soul”, in which several narrators relayed the stories of Zhao Yiman and other anti-japanese heroes in the cloud. More than 2,000 audiences remembered the revolutionary heroes through online viewing.Not only in the Anti-Japanese War hall, xiangshan Revolutionary Memorial Hall and other red memorials, the audience orderly visit, through various forms of memory.Outside view of Beijing Xiangshan Revolutionary Memorial Hall.In the Xiangshan Revolutionary Memorial Hall, there are many families.A mother led her son, reading word for word from the sign.She said: “there is a country, there is a family, this history, should be known from childhood.””Now we can make phone calls and send wechat.It used to be telegrams.”One father became the “guide,” pointing to pictures of old telegrams with his daughter in front of an electronic screen. He said that after the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and Chairman MAO moved to Xiangshan, the telegraph became the main means of communication for them to direct the work of the party, the government and the military all over the country.”Tick tock” is the voice of the CPC Central Committee and Chairman MAO, which is carried out unconditionally by the whole Party and the entire army.On the first floor of the Xiangshan Revolutionary Memorial Hall are several individual display cases.The commemorative medallion for the liberation of Northwest China issued by the Northwest Military and Political Committee in 1950 and the “flying” torch for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are on display quietly.Yang Jiaping, a curator at the museum, said the pieces were recently added to the museum’s collection, and each was marked with the name of the donor.”I hope it can be displayed at the first time so that more people can know the true history.”The memorial hall will continue to expand and collect historical evidence reflecting important events and activities of the new era, and strive to build a new brand of Academic research and exhibition of The revolutionary history of Xiangshan.”The Memorial Hall of The War of Chinese People’s Resistance against Japanese Aggression is open from 9:00 to 16:30 (entrance closed at 16:00), and closed every Monday (except national holidays).The audience by the Chinese people’s Anti-Japanese War memorial WeChat public number, use the real name of the second generation id card to make an appointment within 15 days of visit id (each daily limit of about 1) xiangshan revolution museum opening hours: 9 to 16 in the daily 30 stops check-in (16), routine closed on Monday, the national legal holiday open for booking:News from our newspaper (reporter Li Qiyao, correspondent Wang Yumei) in the school to see the red exhibition, read red poetry;Listen to the revolutionary heroic deeds, present the small white flowers made by yourself…Recently, Dachengzi School of Miyun District and Xiangshan Revolutionary Memorial Hall jointly held the tomb-sweeping Day theme activity of “Carrying forward the Excellent Traditional Culture of the Nation and praising the 100-Year Party History and Establishing hongzhi”. Students remembered the martyrs, inherited the red blood and inspired patriotism in vivid micro classes.The Xiangshan Revolutionary Memorial Hall held the theme exhibition of “Laying the Foundation of New China — CPC Central Committee in Xiangshan” in Chengzi School. The guide of the museum explained the red history story of CPC Central Committee in Xiangshan to the students, and the students recited poems of Revolutionary Martyrs.In the activity, the students also went to the town of atrictylodes brigade “48 martyrs tomb”, listen to the deeds of the revolutionary heroes in their hometown, the hand-made small white flowers presented in front of the martyrs tomb.”Our happy life today is the sacrifice of those revolutionary martyrs, shed blood for, we should inherit their spirit of not fearing sacrifice, rise to the difficulties, do the successor of the Party, the new era of good young.”Chang Lijie, an eighth grader, said.Students also wrote their feelings on red heart-shaped paper and formed a big red heart on the display board to express the memory of revolutionary martyrs.Xiangshan revolutionary memorial hall deputy director guo li, said the memorial fully give play to the role of the national patriotism education demonstration base, will be in the form of exhibition tour exhibition show theme to the primary and secondary schools, is building “I go to the fragrant hills to descend” youth party history education, the important measures for brand “by red story, read red letter, teachers and students study together party history, inheriting the revolutionary spirit,To jointly stimulate high morale, unremittingly carry forward the great spirit of the party.”Source Beijing Evening News editor Long Hai Ruo editor Min Jie Yang Tao