Xiangshan Electric Power “red Majia” patrol the snow line, protect the warmth of mountain people

2022-05-14 0 By

Influenced by strong cold air during the Spring Festival, Xiangshan welcomed the first snow of 2022. Mengding Mountain in the Western Zhou Dynasty, 584 meters above sea level, was covered with white snow.State Grid Xiangshan County power Supply Company organized the Red Boat Communist Service team to conduct a “special patrol” in the snow on the whole line of bajiao F107 with a total length of 30 km.”Mengdingshan common transformer high pressure pile head A phase 1.3 degrees, B phase 3.1 degrees, C phase 2.9 degrees, the temperature measurement is normal, the equipment runs well, the wire is not covered with ice temporarily.”In the inspection process, the members of the Red Boat Communist Service team use unmanned aerial vehicles and other scientific and technological equipment to assist in the line inspection and improve the efficiency of the inspection work.It is reported that this special tour mainly on the distribution of changes, tower, wire snow covered with ice patrol, infrared temperature measurement of equipment, timely clean up the path along the tree barriers, check the line and related power equipment operation, to ensure the safe operation of mountain lines, to ensure that mountain residents during the cold wave without worry.In addition, to prevent the effects of cold wave, meet the needs of the county people’s production and living, during the Spring Festival, the county power supply company for a rainy day, start the rain and snow freeze disaster emergency response in a timely manner, strictly implement the bartender electricity measures, scientific arrangement of power grid operation mode, quickly began warm wet electric “battle, ZhuDongZhang”, to fully protect the grid safety lifeline and electricity the bottom line of the people’s livelihood.Source: Xiangshan Media Center author: Wu Minyong yu Jiahui Wang Qixiang First instance: Zheng Danfeng second instance: Wu Qichao third instance: Zhao Juxiang