Zhuhai added free nucleic acid testing sites at highway intersections

2022-05-14 0 By

In order to facilitate nucleic acid testing for zhuhai residents and people coming to (returning from) Zhuhai after the Spring Festival holiday, Zhuhai arranged nucleic acid testing institutions as a whole, scientifically arranged sampling sites, and on the basis of the original convenient sampling sites for nucleic acid testing,Add 2 convenient free nucleic acid sampling sites in Datuoshan Service area of Jiangzhou-Zhuhai Expressway (toward Doumen) and Doumen Service area of Coastal Expressway (toward Doumen).Free nucleic acid testing will be provided to all citizens and people returning to The Pearl River Delta until March 15, 2022.With the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the number of people returning home and returning to their posts has increased, and so has the risk of travel infection.In order to implement the prevention and control strategy of “preventing importation from abroad and preventing rebound from within”, zhuhai Municipal Health Bureau issued the following health warning: For the sake of their own and others’ health, people returning from low-risk areas should take the initiative to take nucleic acid tests at convenient nucleic acid sampling sites within 24 hours after arrival, and perform self-health monitoring for 14 days.Those who have traveled to and returned from the affected areas in the past 14 days should report to their work units and community (village) neighborhood committees.Source | yangcheng evening news, Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | li cheng