Jack Ma’s unicorn500 million people in 4 years. I can’t believe it

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Speaking of the Internet can develop to today, we should first of all thank Jack Ma, jack Ma led the domestic life into the Internet mode.Alibaba founded by Jack Ma is the first platform for everyone to contact the Internet, especially Alibaba’s Taobao, which makes everyone thoroughly understand e-commerce.Now people are living in a world of mobile phones, and everyone is always with their mobile phones. Both work and life are based on mobile phones.How could alibaba, such an Internet company, miss the wave of Internet reform, is bound to take advantage of the victory to pursue the development of their own industry.In Alibaba, Ma Yun created the unicorn with a sky-high price. It can be said that 500 million people took nearly 4 years, which is unbelievable.Now people seem to find the direction of life in the tide of the Internet, a day not around the Internet will feel that life lost great significance.And now with the continuous rise of mobile payment, people’s demand for mobile phones is more and more high, as the Internet giant Alibaba is certainly developing and changing.When it comes to Alibaba, we will think of Jack Ma, who is the founder of Alibaba. Alibaba’s most representative product is Alipay.Alipay, as a brand new APP, is very popular among young people, because at one time if you use Taobao, you have to use Alipay to settle accounts.Gradually, Alipay started the mobile payment function, which made everyone have great fun for mobile payment, and then wechat opened the mobile payment function.If jack Ma’s investment in Alibaba, it can be said that he poured all his efforts, from the initial establishment of Alibaba to the late operation, spent a lot of thought.And inside Alibaba, there are some veteran figures who are also assisting Ma Yun, so that Ma Yun can lead Alibaba to develop better under the Internet model.It can be said that Alibaba is now a success, which cannot be achieved without all the support and efforts. Alibaba is growing bigger and bigger.In the process of development, Alibaba also created several unicorns, and as Alibaba’s unicorns, of course, also have different functions.Unicorn an ant forest.Anyone who has used Alipay knows that there is a module in Alipay called Ant Forest, which is popular with many people.When it was just launched, it was welcomed by everyone. It was a fun and very public module, and everyone gave high comments on this function.When we enter the ant forest, each of us can choose a species of tree to plant and water it daily to promote its growth.Of course, we can get the amount of water by using Alipay or walking or cycling, and we can also steal some water from our friends’ homes.Through constant watering every day, the trees will slowly grow strong and strong, and the virtual trees will show maturity in Alipay after they grow up.In real life, Jack Ma’s Alibaba will plant a real tree in the desert area, equivalent to our personal watering platform, Alibaba plants in the desert.This way of planting allows everyone to make a good contribution to the greening of the earth through their own meager strength, and also allows themselves to do some public welfare.Although ant Forest looks like an insignificant application, but it is Ma Yun’s sky-high asset, in real life, a piece of forest has become a trend.These trees in the desert, has formed a piece of oasis, Jack Ma once said, to make many deserts into oases, now gradually in the realization.When Ma Yun said this, many people did not believe it, after all, planting trees in the desert, is a great need of financial and human resources.We all just water on Alipay for free, but alipay actually spends a lot of money to plant trees, many people don’t believe Jack Ma would do that.But the fact is ma Yun through their own unswerving faith, let Alibaba in the desert to plant a lot of green plants, we can not believe that things so accomplished.Looking at the guiding boards, we found that the desert was turning green little by little, and the process of turning green had much to do with each of us.Unicorn two flowers.Bai Hua is also an application launched by Alipay. Many people have been in touch with Bai Hua, and there are activities of Bai Hua during the Spring Festival every year.Especially in the Chinese New Year collection of five blessings, as long as the lottery, you can also Alibaba for a year of bai, which is very tempting to young people.The purpose of bai hua is to spend tomorrow’s money and realize today’s dream. Simply speaking, it is like a credit card to overdraw money. Many young people’s consumption concept is very fond of it.Just because there are so many people using it, it also makes a lot of profits. After all, in the process of using it, some people cannot pay off all at once, so they have to pay interest.There are always two sides to everything. Some people like ikebana, while others don’t. Those who don’t like ikebana say that such consumption concept is wrong.Many young people will try their best to borrow money when they have no money, through credit cards, loans and current spending, but they cannot pay back the money after borrowing.The more not up, the more will take some detours, so slowly the problem of teenagers will gradually increase, and even some young people will have a rough life.Many people attribute this situation to Ma Yun, because It is Ma Yun who leads everyone to use the bai, is Ma Yun who leads everyone to enter the Internet model.If it is the previous consumption pattern and living habits, there will not be such a problem, but the real reason we should calm down to think about.The path ma Yun leads us to take is progressive, which enables us to have a better development and a more convenient road, rather than taking such an opportunity to imagine ourselves.As for the unicorn created by Jack Ma, many people have great recognition of Ant Forest. After all, it is a public welfare activity, and we only need to complete it with simple hands.It is understood that since 2016, the number of participants in Ant Forest has exceeded 500 million people, and ant Forest has achieved the current result of 500 million people.According to Alibaba, Ant Forest has planted more than 200 million trees, covering an area of more than 300 mu, which is quite shocking.It can be said that the emergence of such a large area of trees, so that the earth can reduce emissions of more than 12 million tons, it may be hard for everyone to imagine, ant forest is now so large.Although everyone thought of ant Forest as a little game, something to do every day, it now contributed a lot.In the environmental protection of the earth, each of us has made a small contribution, Alibaba has laid the final fruits for us, and the earth is very good environment.According to relevant data, ant forest is now the scale of our desert sandstorms have a very good effect, we may also be able to experience.There are fewer dust storms in the spring than there used to be, largely because of the size of the ant forest, the trees that make for such a good environment.Every day, oxygen is released, which freshens the air on earth, and a lot of carbon dioxide is diluted by these trees.Alibaba created such an added unicorn in just four years, with more than 500 million Alipay users participating.Everyone contributes his strength to society through his own efforts, and as this goes on, the world will make a big difference.It has been predicted that the next trillion market will probably be Ant Forest, but Ma Yun did not make any response to this prediction.We also hope that Alibaba can create more unicorns in the future, so that our lives can feel better development.Jack Ma once predicted the future. We don’t know what the future will be like. We can only build it with our own faith and hands.