Little Red book: Jess, the head of e-commerce, resigned in early January for family reasons

2022-05-15 0 By

LatePost reports that Liu Huantong (alias: Jes), the head of Xiaohongshu e-commerce, left his post in January and has now joined Hago, a social gaming platform.In response, Xiaohongshu said: jess did leave in early January for family reasons.Over the past two years, he has led his team in a valuable exploration of the trading business, which has resulted in long periods of separation from his family.We thank Jess for his commitment to the team and the company, and wish him the best in the future.Xiaohongshu’s previous organizational restructuring will see the original community and e-commerce departments merged into a new community department, with COO Nan Ke in charge of the new department.Xiaohongshu said the merger of the community and e-commerce businesses is a natural iteration in the organization’s process of realizing a shared vision.Last December, xiaohongshu data showed that by November 2021, the monthly activity of Xiaohongshu had reached 200 million.Of the platform’s users, 72 percent are born in the 1990s and 50 percent are in first – and second-tier cities.