National oil price adjustment information: Adjusted on February 15:92, 95 gasoline price list

2022-05-15 0 By

Two days later (24 o ‘clock on February 17), the oil price will rise for the third time this year. It is expected to rise more than 185 yuan/ton in the current 8 working days. After translation, the price will rise 0.14-0.16 yuan/liter, and then refresh the peak.But that’s not all. International oil prices rose another 2.5% on Monday, hitting an eight-year high of $95 to $96 a barrel, and are expected to increase further on Thursday.So friends, please send friends circle, inform relatives and friends refueling in advance!On February 15th, the 8th working day, it is predicted that the oil price will be increased by 185 yuan/ton, which will be converted to 0.14-0.16 yuan/liter. Based on the calculation of 50L, it will cost 7-8 yuan more. The oil price will be adjusted at 24:00 on February 17th, 2022!Oil prices rose sharply Monday, with New York crude futures for March delivery ending up $2.36, or 2.53%, at $95.46 a barrel.Brent crude for April delivery settled up $2.04, or 2.16 percent, at $96.48 a barrel.Finally, let’s look at domestic oil prices: Today, February 15, we look at some areas of gasoline and diesel quotation;Chongqing Guo6 No.92 gasoline price is 7.73 yuan/liter;The price of 95# gasoline in Chongqing is 8.17 yuan/liter.The price of gVI 98# gasoline is 9.20 yuan/liter in Chongqing.Jiangsu 92# gasoline price 7.85, 0# diesel price 7.53 yuan/liter;The price of gasoline 92 in Dali, Yunnan province, is now 7.81 yuan per liter;Today, the price of 95 gasoline in Dali, Yunnan province, is 8.39 yuan/liter.Today, the price of no.98 gasoline in Dali, Yunnan province is 9.07 yuan/liter.Today, yunnan Dali 0 diesel price is 7.40 yuan/liter.