Provincial civilized campus Laoshan District Shazikou Primary School: let “fishing culture” inspire teachers and students to grow together

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Primary school life is booting the preconditions of bacon and filling period, laoshan ShaZiKou elementary school geographical features, the fishermen’s cultural enlightenment, the concept of “fish culture” grafting to the education teaching, aims to let all the teachers in the process of “teach them to fish”, guide the students’ autonomous learning, personality development, sunshine,For the establishment of Qingdao and Shandong province two levels of civilized campus into the spiritual power.The creation of campus educational environment is the manifestation of the educator’s educational thought.Into ShaZiKou elementary school, the reporter eyes are attracted to square in the center of the surface relief, relief, the symbol of the unity of “five school five a cloud shadow, a ship directly forward, raised the rudder exaggerated reveal” the sea voyage on a pilot “design concept, side carp leap, moral good wishes of the students have learned something, interpretation of” cumulatively,The spirit of sand mountain climbing.”Looking down from the air, the relief and the building constitute the ‘master’ character, highlighting the campus culture of ‘let students be masters’.”Vice principal Wang Lunbo said in an interview with Qingbao Education online that since the school started to build a civilized campus, all teachers, under the leadership of principal Liu Hongtao, have made great efforts to build spiritual civilization of the school, aiming to put into practice the school philosophy of “teach fish to fish and grow independently”.Cultivate yuyang students who “understand rules, can cooperate, love labor, good at learning, have independent opinions and enjoy exploring”, and then make them become the pillar talents cultivated by the Party and the country.In addition, ShaZiKou elementary school also will be the whole campus planning for “a port of two lines, one island four bay” space structure, accommodate the sea ports and routes, islands, beaches, elements, connected sea area along the idea, set up the stone carving, fishing boat, pavilions, rockeries, pools, such as landscape, to create a kind of unique culture “fishing rhyme campus”,Also has the rich connotation “fishing” civilization imperceptibly implants the teachers and students heart.”Simply giving children knowledge is not good education — it’s just giving them fish!The purpose of education is to allow children to convert what they have learned into their own wisdom, flexibly apply it to practice, and then explore more unknown things. This is to teach people how to fish.”In the view of principal Liu Hongtao, the classroom should be student-oriented, and the enthusiasm and autonomy of students to acquire knowledge should be activated in the classroom teaching.To this end, the school in the education teaching practice, continue to expand “teach them to fish” thought connotation, gradually build and improve the system of the eight education teaching thought: “fishing red party” “yu hai course” “yu boring classroom” “yu, teacher” “yu and management,” “yu s moral education” “yu Yang students” “yu rhyme campus”, make the campus civilization education environment look brand-new.In specific teaching, the school focuses on creating “fun fishing class”. Through the classroom teaching mode of learning as the main body, teaching as the leading part and combining learning with guidance, the school guides students to explore new knowledge in a proper way, which consists of four teaching links: independent knowledge seeking, cooperative knowledge seeking, art teaching and fun, practice and catching fish.Every Thursday afternoon, it can be said that children are the most happy time – you can choose your favorite special courses from nearly 60 “Fishing courses” according to your own interests!There are many lessons for children to choose from: ocarina lessons for grade 2, harmonica lessons for grade 3, backgammon lessons for grade 4, clarinet lessons for grades 4 to 6…Not only that, the school also has introduced the paper cutting, sand picture, handball, table tennis, football, a guest, Peking Opera mask, martial arts, such as high quality education resources, combined with the original art, sports, science and technology, and practice to explore, the development of science and other kinds of class and class class community, through sports, science and art festival, rich and colorful activities such as reading festival, the students set up the stage to show yourself,To meet the individual needs of each student to receive education.Some people say that “children are the shadow of their parents” and “children are copies of their parents”. Various sayings and practices show that family is the key to children’s growth.To this end, if you want to cultivate children into “moral, intellectual, physical, American labor” all-round development of the new era of good youth, only rely on school education is not enough, this needs home-school linkage!According to Wang Lunbo vice principal, school for each member of the parent school is equipped with the manual of parents grew up, need parents together through the manual to the school to cultivate students to form a good habit, good family trait inheritance, for citizens to participate in social practice activities such as small accomplishment, disassembling quantitative grade, parents on each item to get the corresponding points,The judges are their children.Shazikou Primary School of Laoshan District, as a demonstration school of Qingdao Parent School, grows together with parents and children!”School education is comprehensive, thoughtful and interesting. Take the cultivation of children’s reading habits as an example. Parents are required to take the lead in setting an example and taking the lead in reading.Xin Jiayue’s father said that since her daughter entered the school, the school took the opportunity of reading festival, “I am a little reader” and other activities, requiring her to spare more than half an hour every day to read her favorite books, and to push herself in the class group or the school mini program.The parent believes that this form of effective method is a good way to develop the habit of active reading, but also increased the parents and children to spend time together, communication!It is reported that Shazikou Primary School will select about 15 percent of the families who are scholarly every year, and each class strives to have 100 percent of the families selected as scholarly families by the time they graduate from grade six.”At the same time, the school also encourages teachers to gain professional growth through reading, and carries out the” Teachers’ Dream Burning Action “in the whole school. Since December 2019, teachers have spontaneously set up the wechat group of” Shazikou Primary School Reading Club of Qingdao Laoshan District “, with a daily reading and a daily card count.”Then Vice Principal Wang Lunbo took out his mobile phone and showed the reporter the wechat group of reading punch card. The reporter saw that Vice principal Wang Lunbo had insisted on punching card for 584 days and read 43 books.In 2020, Shazikou Primary School stood out among thousands of schools in Qingdao. Its “Yuyue” campus reading brand was widely praised and won the golden signboard of “Qingdao Bookstore Campus”.According to the introduction, “Yuyue” campus reading brand contains six systems: the construction of “Yuyue” campus culture system — emphasis on education environment;Constructing “Yu Yue” campus reading system — creating campus curriculum;Constructing “Yu Yue” teacher reading system — advocating teachers and students to read together;Construct “Yuyue” student reading system — to build a bookish youth;Constructing “Yuyue” parents’ reading system — creating a bookish family;Constructing “Yu Yue” campus evaluation system — constructing “Yu Yun Campus”.Now, “fishing culture” is like the sizzling spring rain, irrigating the seeds of civilization, learning and self-improvement in the hearts of students. In the process of building a civilized campus, the seeds of civilization are taking root, germinating and growing in the hearts of children…Youth Daily Education in line Gao Jingxin