Turn the propaganda of common sense

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What is abducting, selling, buying women and children crime?◆ According to article 240 of China’s Criminal Law, abducting and trafficking in women and children refers to one of the acts of abducting, kidnapping, buying, trafficking in, transporting or transferring women and children for the purpose of selling.Whoever abducts and trafficks a woman or child shall, according to the specific circumstances, be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment to death and shall also be fined or be sentenced to confiscation of property.August 29, 2015: The 16th Session of the 12th NPC Standing Committee adopted Amendment IX to the Criminal Law.According to the newly revised Criminal Law, anyone who buys abducted women or children will be held accountable. Public security organs will take compulsory measures such as criminal detention against buyers while rescuing abducted women or children, and investigate their criminal responsibility in accordance with the law.◆ For young children, do not leave the child alone at home or in the shop, do not let the child alone outside the door to play, care should try not to let it out of their sight.If you need to take care of something, make sure you can easily control your child or leave it with a trusted friend or relative.◆ For older children, parents should strengthen the awareness of child abduction education.One is to tell the children, if there is no parents to pick up school, to go with their classmates, avoid going out alone in the dark, do not take remote, sparsely populated roads;Second, teach children not to casually contact with strangers, do not believe the words of strangers, do not accept strangers’ food, toys, goods, etc.;Three is to let the child memorize 110 alarm telephone, home address, parents’ name and home phone.To establish a good family education environment, to avoid family conflicts resulting in children running away from home to become the target of criminals.Once you find your child missing, immediately report it to the public security organ. The first period of time after your child is lost is the best time to find your child.◆ Young women who work in cities should do the following things: ① Take good care of the original and copy of important documents such as id card and household registration book, and it is better to leave a copy to their family members.② Tell the family the detailed address and contact information of your work and residence. It is best to tell the contact information of your colleagues or workmates and boss.③ Make sure you have enough money to live in the city for two weeks.Otherwise, you may have to trust the person who introduces you to a job because your life is so difficult.◆ Young women migrant workers should pay special attention to the usual tricks of human traffickers, do not believe in the recruitment of people in the streets, recruitment ads, do not believe in the “recruitment” at the station and other places, high salary temptation, do not believe in the sweet words of acquaintances.To find a job, go to a regular employment agency. If you need help, you can contact a trusted organization such as the women’s Federation, labor department or police station.If there are early and family separated, the masses need to find relatives, can go to the nearest location of the public security organs to collect my blood sample, through the “national anti-trafficking DNA database” comparison, public security organs to collect blood samples will be free, do not charge any fees.If have kidnap and sell crime clue, welcome masses to offer to public security organ actively!Source: Shiping police choreography: He Yuyang Reproached: Feng Yu