Zhuge Liang collected skin optimization is very general, the final season nova dollar beauty cry, minor players laughed

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Hello, everyone, here is the number one game, every day will bring the latest game information!The collection of the glory of the various ge is bright skin skill effects have been published, but it is not the glory collection skin was welcomed by a large number of players, rather fun place or more, for example, there are a lot of players feel the skin effects of the overall comparison, but just can’t see the bright spot, does not have a glory the characteristics of the libraries in the skin,Just one day after the announcement of the new skin skill effects, the official has been optimized, but after the skin optimization, it still feels bad. This time, let’s talk about it.01 zhuge liang glory collection skin effects reported zhuge liang in the glory of the king is a popular mage hero, although now the single tool status is relatively high, but in the official figures, zhuge liang’s overall play rate is not low, and zhuge liang already has a limit of two legendary skin, heat can be seen that the hero is really high,A lot of players like, this time choose Zhuge Liang launched a glory of the skin, in fact, it is not particularly unexpected, but after the announcement of skill effects, but some people surprise, this skin model is general, skill effects highlight is not enough.02 zhuge liang glory collection emergency optimization because the skin skill effects reported late, wait until after the 31 you need on the formal suit, so in the skill effects after the fact, the official is followed by the optimization direction of its skin, but from the perspective of the optimized content of published, optimize the along while didn’t look like what place,Model, in particular, seem to have no change, skill effects is increased a little bit special content, overall optimization of the skin is also very general, but now many of the workers have a holiday, only the time of day was used to optimize, actually couldn’t optimize anything, my advice is you can wait a little for the skin,Think about it.A glory collection, after all, the skin, but worth nearly 2000 dollars, I personally feel glory collection skin at least also should have characteristics, such as infinite hurricane’s number, wu zetian knicks god domain, has its own features, but the collection of the this glory of zhuge liang, skin want to express are not fully expressed the theme of the,In skill special effects are completely pile material, in fact, a glorious skin is not to say that the skill is more gorgeous, or need to clearly express what the skin expression of the theme, some details of skill special effects characteristics, so that players can buy.03 finals gissing yuan skin youth exposure time mulan youth final seasons before back at a time, a lot of players for the skin also is really looking forward to, after back to have a lot of players took advantage of this opportunity to also have of, in fact, hua mulan youth final season in addition to skin theme design is better, and feel all right,There is a lot of star skin, really very beautiful, this time was exposed mulan has a star skin, from the clothing and black silk characteristics, or very beautiful.04 underage players after the game time since the launch the new anti-addiction rules published, for many young players blow is very big, because only on holidays, in an hour a day to play, this time during winter vacation, especially during the Spring Festival, a minor player game time or more,We will be able to play from 31st to 6th of February, and there will be three days of game time, so in total, there will be 10 days of king of Glory in the last half month, so you can take advantage of this opportunity to play.05 epilogue minors game very little time now, you want to get to the Dan king also should take good planning of time, after all, a game also need at least 15 minutes to 20 minutes, an hour can play three games, if appear even kneeling, want to be in a season hit Dan king is difficult, just more vacation time this month,So there’s still time for you to share.That is the content of this issue. How do you comment on this matter?