Cadillac new Power!The new generation CT4, 3.6TV6+ four-wheel drive, was officially unveiled, marking the mercedes-benz AMG

2022-05-16 0 By

Among U.S. models, Cadillac CT4 is very representative coupe models models, new generation version appeared later, for the domestic market added a new generation of young coupe series, right now, Cadillac CT4 once again becomes the new power, Cadillac the performance of the new version, used the 3.6 T turbocharged six-cylinder engine,And provides all-wheel-drive system matching, this time a Cadillac CT4 is going to take on the underlying is the Mercedes AMG series, the size of the whole normal performance of the car are not very big, Cadillac CT4 in wheelbase size and power matching proportion is very harmonious, so has a strong sense of performance and power, this time added new six-cylinder engine,It takes 3.8 seconds to accelerate to 100 kilometers, basically reaching the status of a supercar.Cadillac CT4 edition models, a new generation of Cadillac CT4 performance more low on whole body, and provides a carbon fiber sports package, more lightweight car body, let the performance of the overall feeling more, the use of these sports package not just for the sake of aesthetics, mainly in order to reduce the weight of the body, let models have become more prominent in the process of extreme driving ability of acceleration.The all-new performance version of Cadillac CT4 has a full sense of overall performance, with a double-sided exhaust design at the rear, which fully demonstrates the vehicle’s combat effectiveness. At the same time, the car provides a large carbon fiber rear wing, in terms of overall appearance, compared to the standard version of the car brings more visual impact and recognition.This new generation of performance Cadillac CT4 is designed to enhance the overall influence and product strength of Cadillac. The 3.6T turbocharged engine, as a large displacement 6 cylinder engine, has a strong advantage, and can bring out the maximum potential of this entry-level mid-level car.Conclusion: Cadillac CT4, a new generation of performance version, is very competitive on the whole and has very strong acceleration ability. There are few rivals among models of the same level, mainly facing Audi RS series and Mercedes AMG series.