Hunan railway has opened its first cross-provincial train for migrant workers

2022-05-16 0 By

At 16:38 on February 8, train K6690 from Lianyuan to West Of Shenzhen left lianyuan Railway Station. It was the first inter-provincial special train for migrant workers after hunan railway Festival. Nearly 1,000 migrant workers from villages and towns in Lianyuan took the special train to Guangzhou, Dongguan and Shenzhen and set foot on the road back to their posts.Lianyuan city, located in central Hunan, has a large number of workers exported every year. In order to safely escort workers back to Their posts in Guangdong, the local government applied for opening a special train for workers to return to their posts after the Festival. Guangzhou Railway Group responded positively and decided to open this special train at Lianyuan Station on February 8.”The railway authorities have opened up green channels in special train applications, ticket purchases and inbound services.”Lianyuan city employment service center director said.”This is the second time I have taken the migrant train to Guangdong.My child is only one year old and I was worried it would be inconvenient to travel so far.””As a result, the railway staff told me that the train was all sleeper cars. We were very happy. Now we just need to sleep at ease to get there.In order to ensure the smooth operation of the first special train returning to work, Guangzhou Railway Group strengthened the organization of passenger transport, learned the distribution of migrant workers returning to work in advance, made group passenger cards, which were classified by car and village, and issued by station and local government staff from village to village.In order to ensure the safe and orderly arrival of migrant workers, Lianyuan Railway Station has specially increased personnel, fixed posts and responsibilities in the ticketing, arrival, waiting and platform links, and organized party and League member service teams and young volunteers to provide enthusiastic services.”The station has strengthened epidemic prevention and control work, and cooperated with local medical personnel to measure the temperature and check the health code of migrant workers returning to work one by one. It has also strengthened ventilation and disinfection efforts in waiting rooms, platforms and other public areas, and strengthened propaganda of epidemic prevention knowledge to remind them to wear masks and take good personal protection.”Lianyuan station master Yang Weijun introduced.It is understood that since February 8, Guangzhou Railway Group will also run a number of special train to the west of Shenzhen and south of Shanghai in Lianyuan, Xinhua, Huaihua and other stations, to provide warm services for the smooth return of returnees.Source | Xiaoxiang Morning News editor | He Zhiping proofreader | Li Xufeng reviewer | Qin Huiying