Liu Xuezhou was fighting with his mother, mother accused the buyer of poor conditions, should not have taken the child

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Sun Haiyang and his own son Sun Zhuo on the Internet high-profile marriage, quickly hot Internet.With the growth of online media, the five members of Sun’s family, including Sun Zhuo, have become Internet celebrities with many people’s support.Liu Xuezhou, a boy in Xingtai, Hebei province, was not as lucky as Sun Zhuo after finding his biological parents.Soon after he was identified with his biological parents with the help of the police, Liu wrote online that he had once again been abandoned by his biological parents, that they did not want to support him and that his mother had blocked him.Then came the news that he had committed suicide in Sanya, Hainan.In his suicide note, Liu Xuezhou, who decided to end his life, described his short life as “sold by his parents at birth as a bride price, adoptive parents died at the age of four, boarding school from the second grade, molested by male teachers, school bullies…”Brand and label.At the same time liu Xuezhou is not willing to leave this world, in the face of overwhelming network violence and attack abuse, he also left in his mobile phone to preserve the relevant evidence and clues, trying to let the police help themselves, to their own life to draw a full stop, so that the perpetrators were eventually brought to justice by the police.Liu xuezhou’s biological father ding, after successfully recovering his own son Liu Xuezhou, admitted that when Liu Xuezhou was only 3 months old, he and the child’s mother together to sell the infant son.At that time, they only sold their children in exchange for the 3, 000 yuan dowry they received to marry Liu’s mother.I wanted my biological parents to give me a warm home, even if it was just to rent an apartment.The simple requirement of Liu Xuezhou, be amplified by his biological father on the network however ferment, let Liu Xuezhou became coerce biological parents to divorce, buy a house for him.Fearing that it would affect the reorganized family they had already established, Liu xuezhou’s mother, who had long married someone else, unceremoniously deleted liu Xuezhou’s contact information and blocked Liu Xuezhou’s wechat, and no longer had any contact with him.A few days ago, a netizen posted a chat record of Liu Xuezhou quarreling with his biological mother on the Internet.Liu Xuezhou in the mother’s chat, grief and anger said that he was called a wild child since childhood, I did what wrong?He said the biological parents were worried about the impact on the current reunited family, so did they care about their feelings?Have you ever thought about this more than ten years, liu Xuezhou is how to come over?Liu Xuezhou in wechat chat, sun out of the adoptive parents home that shabby old house, Liu Xuezhou said to his biological parents, look at this old house, how can I live like this?Was I wrong to ask them for a home for me?Who knows Liu Xuezhou’s mother actually said to him in the quarrel, you now encounter everything, are caused by your adoptive parents!Who asked them to carry you away when their family was so poor?If your parents hadn’t picked you up, there must have been someone better to pick you up, and you wouldn’t be in this situation right now.When his biological mother accused his adoptive parents of not taking him away, Liu Xuezhou asked his biological mother, “Why did you send me away?”No, Liu xuezhou’s parents did not send him away, but brutally sold their own son.Liu Xuezhou mother can say this, it can be said that she is completely devoid of humanity: their unmarried pregnancy born out of wedlock son, ruthlessly sold his own, also blame the buyer’s own home conditions are too poor, should not take away the child.Such a woman, it is really unique.Just don’t know such a mother, in the middle of the night when waking up, will be conscience, will be afraid of her son to come to her in the middle of the night?