Spring Festival happy shopping, Spring Festival closed

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The most fun during the Chinese New Year holiday is eating, drinking, playing, having fun and shopping. Today, you want to go somewhere to play?Spring Shopping is open!Chengdu, chengdu famous fiorentina outlet fiorentina is the first large pure Italian style high-end leisure and shopping center of the scenic spot with Italian classic style design inspiration through outdoor buildings, monuments and other Italian classic elements of the application will render in ancient Rome, Renaissance Florence in 2021,As the second phase of the project is put into operation, around 30,000 square meters of retail space is added, with 80 famous brands at home and abroad. Come here to experience a brand new shopping scene, and help build pidu into a life and consumption center in western Chengdu.During the Spring Festival, the business hours will be changed: From 9:30 to 21:30 on February 1st to February 6th, during the Spring Festival, come to Florence Outlets in Chengdu to open the “buy buy buy” mode, and you will enjoy many discounts!From January 14 to February 6, you will get 100 YUAN of electronic gift card with a single purchase of 2888 YUAN. From January 31 to February 6, you will get 5000 yuan of electronic gift card with a single purchase.Chengdu Shudu Wanda Convergent shopping center, diversified commercial blocks and other formats;It’s a hub of nearly a thousand brand merchants. Wanda category in Shudu gathers activities such as clothing, premium living goods, fashion experience, and special catering to meet customers’ different consumption needs, forming a shopping center with the most complete coverage of guests in this region.Shopping is open during Spring Festival!But the hours are changing!Yonghui Supermarket Spring Festival holiday business hours during the holiday shopping, food are preferential yo ~ Spring Festival shopping Spring Festival closed!There are more offers to unlock!Go buy, buy, buy