The best players are sold every year.Let the next one step up early

2022-05-16 0 By

The best players have been sold every year.Step up next!Coronado, Sergio Oliveira and Luis Dias, the best Portuguese players for three years in a row, were all sold.They all played the most important roles here in Kongesan.Porto are also traditionally strong teams, having won the Europa League and the Champions League under Jose mourinho.Porto’s talent flows to the more capitalised Premier League, which is better suited to Porto’s needs than ajax or Benfica.It does not affect the direction of the club and the nature of the academy.Borussia Dortmund send their superstars out every year, not to mention Porto.Sancho has gone to the premiership, Bellingham may, harland definitely won’t stay.He wants to find two or three super players a year and make the club rich.That makes the head coach’s job more difficult to replace, and the head coach who digs out good young players is the most efficient and high-level head coach.