The florist will destroy all the flowers on New Year’s Eve, but they won’t sell them cheaply and won’t let others pick them up. What do you think

2022-05-16 0 By

A controversial incident recently took place in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.On New Year’s Eve, annual flower sales are nearing the end, some florists smash unsalable annual flowers, do not want to sell cheaply, do not want to let people pick up free, can not sell to destroy, do you think the hit or the cheap sale?The video shows florists dragging the flowers out of their POTS and stepping on them, or smashing them, leaving a mess on the ground.There is a woman passing by, see the florist smashed flowers there is a small flower with a basin is quite good, quite complete, she picked up ready to take away, the female florist saw, seized the woman’s hands of the flower, even her own hands of the flowers are on the ground fell into thin pieces!I can see that the florist is not willing to pick up her flowers, in front of the woman’s face to pick up the flowers, the meaning seems to be falling thin broken also don’t let you pick up!The woman who picks up flower also quite embarrassed!May be you too expensive not to buy, I did not sell out is not cheap to sell, would rather fall thin broken!The net friend says this is to protect price, those who do business must be so, or send for nothing, but cannot depreciate!If you sell it cheaply at the end of the year, it’s not good for everyone to buy it at the end of the year!Others said there was nothing wrong with it!I sell fish, in the evening would rather throw away the rest of the fish or cheap to sell to others to feed the dog, will not sell to the guests, because the next time he said I bought yesterday how much money how much money, how expensive today?So I’d rather sell it if I lose it!Listened to the comment of net friend, it is to listen to understand!Business and we do not do business know too much, this may be called “industry rules”!But I think as long as the price of a pot does not lose money, it is better to sell cheap than broken ah!Say again after year still can sell ah!Well spent really look waste, you sell cheap not necessarily next year will not sell a good price!The rest can be sold at full price!At the end of the year some people will go home with a pot, that is not to earn a bit more is a bit?What a pity!You can also do all public welfare, welfare society.Give it to someone in need and do a charity thing.Florists sell stranded annual flowers, neither cheap nor let people pick up, all smashed, what do you think of this matter?