This Spring Festival “circle tour” is very popular

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On February 4, the fourth day of the first lunar month, the fifth day of the Chinese New Year holiday, tourist routes in Chengdu were obviously heating up despite the drizzle in the sky.Reporters found in the interview, many tourists from Deyang, Meishan, Ziyang, the more convenient traffic so that they happen to coincide with the chengdu metropolitan area boutique tourism line guidance, chose in chengdu metropolitan area “circle tour”.”Chengdu metropolitan area is rich in tourist attractions, next holiday, we will also start ziyang tour, Meishan tour” walking in Anren ancient town, as far as the eye can see, the ear can hear, is full of strong smell of New Year.Folk parade, storytelling, drama, games, activity performances…The reporter noticed that during the seven days of the Spring Festival, anren Town mansion Old Street, Hua Mansion and Anren Theater set up different programs.”We came to Chengdu following the guide of boutique tour routes in the Chengdu metropolitan area.”Reporter in Dayi Anren ancient town interview, met deyang tourist Luo Yingju.ROM more tells a reporter, he divided into two periods before and after the year of the tiger Spring Festival, the first four days, with chengdu in deyang relatives to eat dinner, at sanxingdui, in guanghan mianzhu New Year pictures, people who drive after three days go chengdu city circle high speed loop freeway (chengdu economic zone) came to chengdu, skiing, bubble hot spring, swimming with the children town.After nightfall, a “Now Anren today” large-scale immersive experience drama in the residence community opened the prelude.The whole performance, in Yang Menggao residence, Liu Yuanhu residence, Liu Yuanxuan residence, Chen Yuesheng residence for time travel, moving scenery.The performance means is diversified, including live performance, Rap dance, martial arts, traditional opera and dreamy giant screen projection, naked eye 3D, spatial imaging, laser matrix, holographic image.”The sound and light effect is strong, not a movie blockbuster, but a ‘kill’ movie blockbuster.”After watching the performance, Luo Yingju said excitedly that during the whole performance, everyone was immersed in the fresh breath of the old mansion with the deepening of the story. “The ancient town and the work are integrated, perfectly performing a wonderful night of the husband museum. Such a performance is worth seeing!”In ROM more point of view, at the end of the chengdu city circle high speed loop freeway (chengdu economic zone) of the last paragraph, deyang and dujiangyan city traffic, let the deyang, dujiangyan and chengdu dayi, qionglai, greatly shorten the distance, driving more choice, this time to chengdu, they chose the new highway,It took only two hours to reach dayi Huashuiwan Scenic area.”Without going far, chengdu metropolitan area is rich in tourist attractions, next holiday, we will also open ziyang tour, Meishan tour!”When traveling, he also pays attention to the cooperation between Chengdu and Sichuan. “Meishan has Chinese pickle City and Chengdu has Chinese Sichuan food industry city. There is a great space for the cooperation of Sichuan food industry between the two places.”Sichuan Food Expo hall, and our hometown famous dish ‘Dongpo Elbow son’ introduction!”In the Chinese Sichuanese Expo hall located in The Town of Andu in The District of Meishan, Zhu Xiaodong, a tourist from Meishan, brings his nine-year-old son to experience the charm of Sichuanese cuisine. He explains to his son while looking at the event.Zhu Xiaodong told the reporter that he works in a Sichuan food enterprise in Meishan. Due to his work, he has been to China’s Sichuan food industry city for many times, and every time he comes, there will be new discoveries. “This time, the theme of my visit is parent-child travel, and my children will understand the splendid food culture and the mysterious Kingdom of Sichuan flavor.”Using digital means, through the sound, light, shadow, landscape, and rich scene and 5 g connection and other modern means of science and technology, real-time depth excavation sichuan culture essence, comprehensive display sichuan development and industrial achievements – xiao-dong zhu took her boy to a finely seems all the way, feel the sichuan spicy delicious, son while watching curiously ask questions, father and son go to great interest.”Meishan has the Chinese pickle City, chengdu has the Chinese Sichuan food industry city, the two places sichuan food industry cooperation space is very big.”In addition to traveling with his children, Zhu xiaodong also pays attention to chengdu’s experience and practices in the joint development of sichuan cuisine, primary, secondary and tertiary industries.He told reporters that in the previous visit, Pi area modernization of douban seasoning factory production line, intelligent, left a deep impression on him, in his view, the sichuan cuisine culture through in-depth mining, meishan from four, chengdu deyang city will strengthen regional characteristic catering cluster interaction, relying on the platform, such as sichuan overseas promotion center, promote the development of sichuan internationalization,We will work together to make sichuan cuisine “golden characters and signboards” brighter and promote the high-quality development of Sichuan cuisine industry.”Chengde is geographically similar, but each of the four cities has its own unique cultural and tourism resources. At the moment of strengthening epidemic prevention and control, there are abundant beautiful scenery and delicious food in chengdu metropolitan area without going far away, which is enough to fascinate everyone.”In the interview, Ziyang tourists Mr. He also told reporters, “with the point threading, connecting into the surface” of the five themes of a total of 11 chengdu metropolitan area boutique tourism lines, will further speed up the chengdemei capital culture travel city development process, so that four residents such as one city.Our reporter Zhao Yiyuan title: This Spring Festival “circle tour” is very popular