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China Shandong network – Perception shandong February 3 news (correspondent Zhang Haixia) Spring Festival is the day of universal celebration, family reunion.Say people New Year, public security clearance.When people are immersed in the festival and happiness, the figure of the public security police shuttle in every street, they give up the rest, give up the reunion with their families, unknown to the public, fulfill their duties, protect everyone’s safety.As a public security police, it is my duty to fight against crimes, maintain social peace and protect people’s safety. I have no regrets and have the courage to take responsibility. This persistence makes the golden shield more dazzling and dazzling.Protecting the broad masses of the people of that piece of “police blue”, can wholeheartedly into the cause of public security, behind this, is the police family people’s tolerance, understanding and support.Home is the smallest home, the country is ten million.Everyone in their own way radiates light and heat, condensed into a powerful force forward!What kind of power is that?Let’s listen to them!Wife: qufu Kong Ning husband: the people’s procuratorate qufu public security bureau police brigade deputy lieutenants FengBingFeng people often say “what the years static good, but others are go on” for you, as a JingSao, I’m proud of you is the police, although gathered from much less is normal life, but I am willing to stand behind you, be your strong backing.Hold up this family for you, go hand in hand with you!I’ve seen the night at three in the morning, the sunrise, patting my daughter with one hand and holding my son with the other, and I wish you were there.But I know that you are a rebel on the road to peace and a guardian of national security. We are in your heart, but we are not alone.I do not hate you, will only love you more, wish you peace.Daughter: Xu Zitong Mother: Jiao Jing, Deputy squadron leader, Foreign Affairs Squadron, Exit and Entry Administration Brigade, Qufu Public Security Bureau My mother is a policeman.In my impression, my mother often worked overtime. Sometimes she came home from work and had dinner with us. She was called out on a phone and did not see my mother come back until I went to sleep.But my mother gave me all her love, as long as she was free to play with me, read books together, exercise together…Although I don’t like my mother nagging me, I love my mother.The Spring Festival is coming, mom, I want to say to you: “Happy New Year!You were laborious!”Son: Kong Yuxin University student mother: Qin Mei Qufu City Public Security Bureau public security management brigade comprehensive section chief in my memory, “mother” this position is year-round, because I have a police mother, every day go out early and come back late, work overtime, come back also humming a song to do all kinds of food.I want to say to my mother, you have always taught me how to work and live by your words and deeds. I will always be sincere and smile, just like you.Wife: Chen Xinxin teacher Husband: Zhang Yan Qufu Public Security Bureau criminal investigation brigade squadron leader “how I want to be close to you, snuggle in your warm arms, tell you that I always know you in my heart!”Since you took off the uniform to become a member of Interpol, continue your mission to protect peace, from now on more know your pain and joy.When you lay down sick with toil, I only feel distressed;Whenever you do something new, joy always fills my face!Today I want to tell you that as the wife of a detective, I love you!More understand you!Wife: Xu Tong Employee Husband:Wang qiang Qufu’s public security bureau traffic police brigade deputy district chief whether sorching summer heat or cold, lump-sum you fight type in the first line of road traffic management, with a clear peace, you is the patron saint of the people, is the pillar of the family, I wish you in the New Year, continue to keep in mind the mission, his mind by the previous step, as actively, create refulgence again the year of the tiger!I wish the police family and the whole nation good health, good luck, happiness and good luck in the Year of the Tiger.