Simple, such as a leisurely flower, since the open since the fall, only the season to understand its feelings, good morning

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1, smile does not cost, but can create wealth;Praise costs nothing, but it is powerful.Incentives do not require investment, but can gather energy;Sharing costs nothing, but can multiply happiness!A target is not disorderly, action is not poor, there is persistence is not defeated!Don’t let the world change your smile. Use your smile to change the world.Good morning, friend!Friends never come first, but who has not gone.Spend the rest of your life with people who appreciate you, don’t envy you, laugh at you, and rejoice in your happiness.Make friends, not big rich big expensive, just get along not tired.The greatest wealth of life is health.The supreme happiness of life is contentment.The greatest enemy of life is yourself.The biggest failure in life is arrogance.Optimistic and open-minded people, can make the ordinary life rich and interesting, can make the suffering of the day become sweet and precious, can make the tedious things become simple and feasible.Good morning, friend!Happy new week!God gave everyone a life, a heart, take care of your life, the heart is settled, life is complete.To take good care of life is to protect the simplicity of life and cherish ordinary life.To settle down is to accumulate the wealth of the soul and pay attention to the inner life.In other words, man’s mission is to fulfill his two principal duties, to be a child of nature and a master of all things.There are some things in the world, if you insist on asking for it, it is difficult to get it. If nature takes its course and you are not interested in it, it will often take the initiative to send it to you in the end.In the years of trudging, everyone has his own story, light mood will be beautiful, open the mood will be beautiful.Tired to rest a rest, with the breeze diffuse dance, bored with a static, with flowers and plants gaze, urgent to slow down, and his smile.The best thing in life is to see the one meter sunshine that life gives us every morning, this is the beginning of the most beautiful life.Life is actually very simple, walk the road you want to go, love the person you should love, light through this life;Happiness is actually very simple, know how to be grateful and cherish will be happy, your happiness is not in the eyes of others, but in their own hearts, do not have to look up to the scenery in the eyes of others, for their own is the best.Good morning, the gentleman let the villain, let is reason;Good people let bad people, let is product;Men let women, let is love;Women let men, let is love;Adults let children, let is pet;Junior let elders, let is respect;Endure, spring flowers;Get out of the way.The feelings of people and people, can be strong to across time and distance, can also cool thin to a word to break the heart, never go back to the past.Who is not left hand plain, right hand fireworks, half a cup of thin cool, half a cup of bright, like that sentence: I came to the world for nothing else, only to stick warm.Simple, such as a leisure flower, since the open since the fall, only the season to understand its feelings;Like a curved shallow stream, flowing quietly, only the sea knows its mood;Like an ethereal melody, leisurely played, only the heart sense of its aesthetic.Brillant simplicity is seemingly simple, but actually contains rich connotation.Good morning!More wonderful emotions, philosophy, good writing;Please pay attention to wechat public number: Heart into one piece