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Recently, with the approval of the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council, the NHC has started to deploy novel coronavirus vaccines for sequential enhanced immunization.People over 18 years of age who have completed two doses of inactivated vaccine and one dose of concino adenovirus vector vaccine with enhanced immunization will receive another dose at an interval of six months.Homologous booster immunization completed two doses of inactivated basic immunization, and inactivated vaccine was selected for booster. After one dose of adenovirus vector vaccine was completed, another dose of adenovirus vector vaccine was inoculated.After two doses of inactivated basic immunization, the recombinant protein vaccine or adenovirus vector vaccine was selected for booster immunization.For the target population, homologous booster immunization or sequential booster immunization can be selected. Either homologous booster or sequential booster immunization should be implemented in the population over 18 years old who have completed the full course of vaccination for 6 months.Experts say that according to the experience of infectious disease prevention and control in the past, to deal with conventional viruses, a single vaccine can deal with, but for cunning and good at mutating viruses, can implement different vaccines “joint operations.”Sequential immunization has two advantages. First, different vaccines can complement each other with advantages. Second, for some people, adverse reactions can be reduced.Research data show that both homologous and sequential strengthening of immunization can further effectively improve the immunization effect. We hope that people who meet the vaccination conditions can take the initiative to vaccinate and vaccinate early, so as to improve their health and fuel the epidemic prevention!In addition, on February 25, Zhoucun Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued a notice that people under 18 years of age should not receive novel Coronavirus vaccine booster shots temporarily. According to the requirements of shandong Province Novel Coronavirus vaccine booster vaccination Implementation Plan:All patients were vaccinated with inactivated vaccines provided by Sinopagic Zhongsheng Beijing Co., LTD., Sinopagic Zhongsheng Wuhan Co., LTD., and adenovirus vector vaccines provided by Tianjin Concino Co., LTD. People aged 18 and above 6 months were the target population for enhanced immunization.At present, there is no enhanced immunization of novel Coronavirus vaccine for persons under 18 years of age. People aged 12-17 years who are due to expire in the near future should not go to the vaccination sites for the third dose of novel Coronavirus vaccine. If there is any notification of enhanced immunization for these persons, relevant information will be released in a timely manner.Zhangdian district 2 close contacts investigation announcement!Department is in school undergraduate!Zibo City People’s Congress Standing Committee deputy secretary of the Party, deputy director Wang Kejie was checked!One resident student was diagnosed, and all 1144 teachers and students were quarantined.Urgent!!!Urgent!!!Please report immediately!Just zibo many districts and counties issued important tips!Source: Zhoucun Center for Disease Control and Prevention Editor: Bi Jie Proofread: Dong Xiu Editor: Zhang Xinglei Produced by: Zibo Daily Rong Media Center