After Zhang Yangyang was found, she opened a live broadcast and was urged to marry by netizens, who said they would like to thank the grace of their upbringing

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After Sun Haiyang found Sun Zhuo, also let the heat of the parents to find the child is high, many parents to find the child have found the child.Before, When Sun Haiyang went to Yanggu, Zhang Yangyang’s mother followed to Yanggu, looking for 24 years of children, single mother Li Fang finally found his own flesh and blood.Today, Zhang Yangyang is already in her late 20s.When Zhang yangyang met his birth mother for the first time, it was clear that Zhang yangyang was a super lively person, and many netizens joked that it was like opening a blind box.Seeing Zhang Yangyang’s personality is so good, we are relieved. After all, we can see that she is also living a good life with her adoptive parents. Otherwise, it is difficult to have such an easy-going personality.When Zhang Yangyang was found, he would occasionally open a live broadcast and chat with everyone.But during the live broadcast, Zhang was urged to get married by netizens.At the beginning, Zhang Yangyang said that he would be grateful to his adoptive parents for their upbringing.At that time, Sun Zhuo had just been married for a short time, and many people began to think that Sun Zhuo seemed to be ungrateful.However, There is no comparison between Sun Zhuo and Zhang Yangyang. Sun Zhuo was abducted, and the buyer can only be said to be a false parent, not the so-called foster parents.What is adoptive parents, should have formal procedures, it is obvious that there is no Sun Zhuo buyers, Sun Haiyang couple suffered 14 years of pain, but fortunately Sun Zhuo finally returned to the family of origin, pain will become the past completely.Yang Yang’s adoptive parents have a certificate of adoption, which does not belong to trafficking, unlike Sun Zhuo.But if it is a buyer, four years ago actually told him life, is rare, after all, Sun Zhuo buyers in order to disguise as one’s own, not hesitate to two years outside.Those who buy children are generally secretive about their children’s origins for fear of being investigated.Hello, Zhang Yangyang: your mother has been looking for you for 24 years before she found you. You are also at the age of marriage. It is normal to urge you to get married.Your parents are the only people in the world who care about your marriage. If your two mothers urge you to get married, it means they love you very much.People than popular dead goods than goods have to throw, lost Liu Xuezhou compared with Zhang Yangyang, is a world of difference.Yang Yang’s mother has been searching for her son for 24 years at all costs. Yang Yang has finally returned to her mother.Liu Xuezhou was sold by his parents since he was a child, and his parents had forgotten him.Instead, children search for needles in the sea to find their biological parents.Parents looking for their sons, and children looking for their parents.In life there is a fine line between good and bad.If Zhang Yangyang is indeed the marriageable age, I wish him to meet his own happiness as soon as possible!