Chongqing, the “bridge capital of China”, launched a special campaign to carry out “physical examination” for 24 Bridges across the river.

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Chongqing, February 25, China News Network(Liang Qinqing) the reporter learns 25 in chongqing city administration, will undertake to protect the urban roads and Bridges the lifeline engineering, special action of comprehensive screening center city has been built putting-in-service proactively 24 municipal bridge across the river, establish a “bridge” of “healthy check-up listing” parameter, formation of downtown bridge across the river “medical report”.”Chongqing city road construction” 14th five-year plan “proposed that by 2025, chongqing downtown will be built 13 Bridges across the river, a total of 41 Bridges across the river.The total mileage of urban roads in the central urban area will exceed 7,000 kilometers, forming a rapid road network structure with six horizontal, seven vertical, one ring and six links.According to the “14th Five-year Plan” of Chongqing Urban Rail Transit Construction, the mileage of Chongqing rail transit will reach 600 kilometers by 2025, creating a “metro area on rail” and building a “one-hour commuting circle”.Chongqing is known as the “Bridge capital of China”. Roads and Bridges are the “lifeline” of urban operation and people’s life.Chongqing city management comprehensive administrative law enforcement team party committee member, deputy chief Tang Jiali said that chongqing from municipal road construction project planning permit, urban road engineering construction quality supervision, bridge across the river to maintain “physical examination” three key links, to planning, construction, management, urban road, protect good city road bridge lifeline engineering.To influence and endanger urban road Bridges the lifeline of major illegal behavior, especially in public security, the field of state-owned land access sell one’s own “built before shipment” and other illegal construction, administration of chongqing city are the procuratorial organ to promote public welfare lawsuit procuratorial work, a batch of laws and regulations and jeopardize the city road bridge lifeline engineering material illegal act,We effectively resolved prominent risks in urban governance and ensured the safety of urban operations.In addition, Chongqing Municipal Administration will also strengthen the news publicity, through 12319, 12345 and other government service hotlines, complaints and reports affect, endanger the urban road and bridge lifeline project of illegal behavior, governance and sharing, jointly create a “better environment and happy life.”(after)