Follow the trend of The Times to raise the entrepreneurial sail ice Love snow milk tea brand become a new favorite of entrepreneurial cooperation

2022-05-18 0 By

Guochao is one of the most commonly used means for brands to do youth marketing in the past two years. Through guochao empowerment, the brand has more attention.Many brands through cultural innovation IP cross-border joint name, can create a network celebrity products, but the trend of this country see more, but there is a similar feeling, such as ice love snow so unusual brand, but with a maverick tide elements to win the love of consumers.Bing Love Snow first combines Chinese tea with Oriental aesthetic power, and then connects the brand with the whole brand connotation, which embodies the IP linkage of the brand and is full of Oriental aesthetic feeling.The problem of homogenization of “innovation” and “follow the trend” milk tea industry has been a commonplace. Bingaixue milk tea foressees this problem at the beginning of the brand’s establishment, so it decides to focus on the track of ice cream + tea, vertical segmentation, and achieve the overall breakthrough of the brand on this subject.In the face of market hot spots, ice Love Snow tea drink brand has more personal thoughts on its product research and development. It does not follow the trend, but makes the trend by itself, which has become a sharp tool to break the market of Ice Love Snow milk tea.The savage growth stage of milk tea is basically over, and the next stage is the stage of brand power competition. The track of milk tea is very large, and a variety of differentiated companies can be allowed to exist, rather than being alone.With the rapid growth of freshly made milk tea, the consumption demand of the whole third, fourth and fifth tier cities is improving. In the future, Bingaixue milk tea will give a satisfactory answer to the tea market and the majority of consumers.