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Li Shenghu li Shenghu, male, Han nationality, was born in July 1974 in Yumen, Jiuquan, a member of the Communist Party of China.Yumen city zi longzhu farmer specialized cooperative director.Gansu province labor model Li Shenghu’s hometown in Yumen City Huahai Town Xiaoquan village five groups.He started working for a TV station in Yumen in 1996, until a return to his hometown in 2011 changed the course of his life.That return home, he found the home of the land on the vineyard, the wind blowing rows of vines, green leaves dance, gem-like grapes glittering and translucent, such as both full of affectionate eyes, staring at him, tempting him, let him produce a kind of happy infatuation.According to his years of experience in the north and south, a unique sensitive nerve to the market was awakened, he decided that in this land to do grape planting industry, will be successful and great harvest.He is deeply attached to his hometown, and has always wanted to find a platform in the land where he was born to try his skills and let the villagers live a better and better life.After half a year of research, he had a comprehensive understanding of the status quo of grape industry development in Huahai Town: large area, unique quality and good varieties are advantages, while sporadic planting, lack of technology, sales market not open and smooth are disadvantages.Through research and thinking, he found a breakthrough point and decided to break out of the way.In 2012, he quit TV work, after some basic preparation, with the support of the town government, the original Huahai grape growers and farmers brokers, established yumen City Purple Longzhu grape Farmers Professional cooperative, began his new business road.In 2012, the grape industry had developed for three years in Huahai Town, but farmers still had low recognition, and conventional crop planting was still the main source of farmers’ economic income.Grape growers worry that there is no sales market, sporadic selling price is unstable, easy to cause unsalable products, so the prospect of grape industry development is skeptical.In order to dispel the concerns of farmers, Li Shenghu started from the sales and price that farmers are most concerned about. In that year, he registered the brand trademark of “Purple Dragon Pearl” red grape, designed the brand logo and product packaging, and officially introduced Huahai grape to the fruit market as a brand.Brand out, there must be an acquirer to buy.Therefore, he organized staff to dalian, Liaoning province, such as the earlier grape planting base to learn lessons, and rushed to Changsha, Nanjing, Guangzhou and other places to contact customers.With firm confidence and perseverance, we initially established sales relations with large markets in Jiuquan, Lanzhou and other places, and established sales networks with 12 large and medium-sized cities such as Changsha, Guangzhou and Haikou. Finally, we opened up internal and external markets and established stable sales relations in two years.In 2013, the grape planting harvest, under his active contact, the town sold all the grapes, farmers got the expected efficient output income, the masses in the experience of the per mu yield income of more than ten thousand yuan of joy, more enhanced the confidence of planting grapes towards prosperity.Under the leadership and encouragement of Li Shenghu, the scale of the cooperative continues to grow. By the end of 2014, the membership of purple Longzhu Grape Professional cooperative has reached 336 households, and the grape planting in the town has grown to 15,000 mu. The industrial base has been further expanded, and the industrial competitiveness and ability to resist risks have also been significantly enhanced.Facing the initial success, Li Shenghu soberly realized that opening the market and establishing the market are only the first step. The market should be stable for a long time and the industry should develop for a long time. The most fundamental thing depends on the quality stability of the products and catering to the needs of the market.Facing development of grape industry at the beginning of the planting area is large, but not fine management, technology and lack of blind pursuit of quantity to quality is not up to standard, sheng-hu li realized in the deep thinking and thinking, the development of grape industry is a long way, in order to avoid the meantime setbacks and twists and turns, must as soon as possible, to nip in the bud.Quality is the key, sharpening does not miscut wood workers.In order to solve the problem of grape quality and promote growers to conduct standardized planting management, Li shenghu hired technical experts from Dunhuang at his own expense and set up a grape planting technical guidance team to provide technical guidance for cooperative growers free of charge and popularize standardized planting techniques.By applying fertiliser formulations, they solved the problem of dark-purple grapes turning black, while increasing their sugar content.For yellow leaf disease, root-nodule disease, vine cutting disease and other common diseases, organize personnel to carry out the prevention and control, and provide free prevention and control drugs to farmers;In order to enrich market sales, he actively introduced new varieties such as A17 and seedless white chicken heart for trial planting;In order to improve the yield, he organized and led technical personnel to carry out the “V frame” and other comparative tests of different frames, and determined the suitable local planting frame, which increased the per mu yield of grape planting by 20%.God pays off. Through standardized planting guided by his fine techniques, the fruit rate of the town increased from less than 20% in 2012 to 65% in 2014.In 2013, there were 13 members whose per mu yield income was over ten thousand yuan.In 2014, the average per-mu yield income of the members reached 6,000 yuan, more than twice that of ordinary local crops.There is bound to be a surplus in sales as production increases.In order to solve the storage problem, Li shenghu established Runfeng Storage Co., LTD., and built 10 permanent temperature warehouses with a total capacity of 4,000 square meters, which solved the problem of keeping fresh for long-distance transportation of fresh grapes.In 2014, the grapes in Huahai town suffered from low temperature and freezing damage that was not seen in many years. Nearly 80% of the seedlings were frozen to varying degrees, and nearly 20% of the perennial grape seedlings were directly frozen to death.In the face of the sudden natural disaster, Li Shenghu was calm and calm, and immediately actively contacted provincial and municipal technical experts to provide on-site technical remedial guidance and reduce the disaster loss as much as possible.This autumn, the grape market continued to slump, the market price of first-grade fruit dropped to 4 yuan per kilogram, the lowest price in the past years, and few vendors came to purchase, farmers’ income was greatly reduced, some people to the grape industry is not only disheartened, there are also complaints.Faced with such a situation, Li Shenghu took the head of the storm and rejected the approach of “buying according to market conditions”. Instead, he insisted on fulfilling his promise at the beginning of the year and gave subsidies to farmers out of his own pocket. The subsidy amount reached 1 yuan per kilogram, and the total subsidy of the town exceeded 200,000 yuan.He said, “We have already lost a lot of production due to low temperature and freezing, and the market is in a downturn. If we don’t help out at this moment, many growers may not be able to overcome this crisis.I paid the subsidy out of my own pocket, which reduced everyone’s loss and helped the entire grape industry survive.As long as it is beneficial to grape industry development, be beneficial to the masses to increase income and become rich, what is the loss from already.You can’t think only of yourself.”In the external sales, Li Shenghu always adheres to the concept of “quality first, integrity first”. In the links of acquisition and export sales, he takes charge of it himself and strictly controls the quality. He often tells his employees: “Substandard fruits, even if they are rotten, are never allowed to be shoddy.Integrity is our foundation, we must remember this.”It is his strict quality control approach of “ding Ding, MAO MAO” that has won the praise of merchants in Hainan, Guangdong and other places, and thus made further progress in developing stable sales channels and markets.Ten fingers are different. We are all good brothers.For some farmers with real economic difficulties, Li Shenghu took the initiative to provide fertilizers, pesticides and other agricultural materials, and often gave technical guidance on the spot.When the farmers asked him when he would pay back the money, he always smiled and said, “No hurry. You can pay when you have earned money from planting good grapes.”Integrity is the foundation of the foundation, he has been adhering to this life creed and business bottom line for many years.He was enthusiastic about the economic development of his hometown and always cared about the basic necessities of his hometown. Li Shenghu’s true character never changed.In the annual cultural material exchange meeting, he always stands out and makes generous donations to ensure the smooth development of mass cultural and sports activities.Cooperative member Zhang Wanyi and other 5 poor due to disease, he took the initiative to understand the specific situation, from planting technology, get rich information, agricultural resources and other aspects of the “small” to help, every year to visit, encourage them to firm development confidence;He preferentially employed surplus labor from zero-employment families in surrounding villages to work in the production line of grape transport baskets in the cooperative, which employed 43 people.In the eyes of his wife and colleagues, Li Shenghu was still a “poor man”. He thought over and over again and calculated carefully for every fund the cooperative ran. In his personal life, he paid more attention to frugality and never wasted extravagantly.In the eyes of the masses, he is also a warm-hearted public welfare, ready to help the “generous person”, never stingy search, when difficult, will help the public welfare.Under the leadership of Li Shenghu, the cooperative established production on the basis of the continuous progress of science and technology, put the local agriculture on the path of sustainable development in a virtuous cycle, and greatly improved the degree of marketization, industrialization and organization of the cooperative.