Attention!These actions are forbidden!The new Shanghai Rules for Taking Buses and Trams shall come into force

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In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of passengers, further improve the service level of the city’s public transport industry, and ensure the safety and orderly ride of citizens, the “Shanghai Bus and tram Riding Rules” (hereinafter referred to as the new “riding Rules”) officially came into effect.At present, the city and road transport center is organizing the city’s bus operating enterprises in batches, orderly new version of the “rules” replacement.Article 1 These Rules of Shanghai Municipality are formulated in the light of the actual conditions of this Municipality for the purpose of maintaining the order of bus and trolley bus riding, standardizing the behavior of bus riding and ensuring the safety of bus riding.Article 2 Passengers who take buses and trams in this municipality shall abide by these rules and consciously maintain the order and environment of the ride.Article 3 Passengers waiting for trains shall be subject to the management of the employees of the operating enterprises, and shall queue up on the platform or pavement consciously, disembarking first and then disembarking later.Passengers are not allowed to get on or off the bus after it has left the station.Article 4 The elderly, the young, the sick, the disabled, pregnant women and those with babies in their arms shall have priority in getting on and getting off the bus. Other passengers shall offer their seats voluntarily.Passengers in wheelchairs should be moved to an accessible area and secured securely when using accessible buses.Article 5 Passengers shall pay attention to boarding safety after boarding the bus.When taking the bus, passengers should protect themselves, sit firmly, stand firm and hold fast, and take proper care of their belongings.When the vehicle stops, passengers get off and on in turn.Passengers should wear seat belts when taking expressway lines.Article 6 Passengers taking unmanned ticket bus shall get on and off according to the designated door.All passengers shall get off the bus when the bus arrives at the terminal station, and shall not get on the bus when getting off the bus station, and shall not interfere with the maintenance of the bus order by the employees of the operating enterprise.Article 7 Passengers shall take the initiative to purchase tickets or pay the fare after boarding the train, and keep valid vouchers for examination with the employees of the operating enterprises. Invalid, forged or altered vouchers or ticket evasion shall not be used.Passengers should bring their own change or use electronic travel cards or non-cash payment methods in line with financial standards. There is no change on the bus.Article 8 Passengers can lead two children under 1.3 meters (including 1.3 meters) in the bus free of charge. If there are more than two children, the tickets will be purchased according to the number of more children.Preschool children without an adult are not allowed to ride alone.Article 9 A ticket can be used only once without scoring.When the operating vehicle breaks down or stops due to a traffic accident, the passenger may transfer to the vehicle in the same direction on the same line free of charge under the organization of the driver and the steward.If the urban line cannot arrange passengers to take the rear bus within 15 minutes or the suburban line within 30 minutes, the passengers have the right to ask the operating company to refund the ticket according to the original price.Article 10 If a passenger skips a station, has no ticket, holds a spoiled ticket, does not pay the fare, or does not pay the fare sufficiently, the employees of the operating enterprise may require the passenger to make up the fare, and may charge the passenger an additional fare five times the standard of the operating fee.Article 11 The following acts are prohibited in taking buses and trolleys:(2) occupying more seats or lying down or standing on seats;(3) damage the vehicle and the equipment and service facilities in the compartment, and use safety hammers, fire extinguishers and other safety facilities at will in non-emergency situations;(4) Open and close the door by itself;(5) Obstructing the normal operation of the driver by talking or chatting with him during driving;(6) extend any part of the body out of the vehicle;(7) Walk about at will while the vehicle is moving;(8) acts endangering safety such as jumping out of vehicles or holding umbrellas;(9) Eating and drinking (except for infants and patients), smoking (including e-cigarettes), lighting open fires, spitting, defecating, chewing gum and begging in the carriage;(10) throwing sundries and rubbish in the carriage or out of the window;(11) scrawling, drawing, or hanging or Posting articles in the carriage without authorization;(12) selling commodities, distributing advertisements or engaging in marketing activities in the carriages;(13) make noise loudly in the carriage, or use electronic equipment to make noise outside;(14) Occupying seats and blocking passageways with articles;(15) other acts affecting the safety of passengers on board.(1) persons who are barefoot, shirtless, greasy clothes, drunken offenders, patients with severe infectious diseases, unsupervised mental patients or whose health condition endangers the safety of others;(2) carrying inflammable, explosive, poisonous, harmful, radioactive, corrosive or other dangerous articles that may endanger the safety of human life and property;(3) carrying live poultry and animals such as cats and dogs (except guide dogs and military and police dogs);(4) carrying articles with serious peculiar or irritating smell, as well as fragile or sharp articles that have not been safely packed;(5) Carrying other articles that may deface the vehicle, endanger driving safety or endanger the personal safety of others (including inflatable balloons, electric bicycles, electric scooters and other charging auxiliary vehicles, excluding wheel chairs for the disabled and baby strollers);(6) the total weight of the articles carried exceeds 50 kilograms, the volume exceeds 0.2 cubic meters (i.e. 0.58 meters in length, width and height) and the length exceeds 1.7 meters;(7) Other circumstances in which it is forbidden to take buses and trolleybuses as stipulated by laws, regulations and rules.Article 13 Passengers shall consciously observe the management regulations concerning public health and other emergencies.Article 14 Passengers who enjoy the treatment of free travel in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and this Municipality may take buses and trams of this Municipality free of charge upon presenting valid certificates and examination by the employees of the operating enterprises.Passengers shall not use other people’s certificates or use forged certificates to take a ride.Article 15 If a passenger violates these rules, the employee of the operating enterprise has the right to dissuade and stop the passenger.If the suppression is ineffective, the employees of the operating enterprise shall have the right to refuse to provide services to the enterprise.Article 16 Anyone who violates these Rules and causes personal or property damage to others shall bear corresponding legal liabilities according to law;Those who disrupt public order, traffic safety and public security shall be dealt with by the public security organ according to law.Any violation of these rules on public health and other emergencies shall be dealt with by relevant departments according to law.Article 17 These Rules shall come into force on December 28, 2021 and shall be valid until December 27, 2026.The new “Riding Rules” is currently being replaced on the public notice boards in all bus carriages and the publicity boards of “four plates and one picture” at the starting and ending stations. The public notice boards in bus carriages are divided into two forms: plug-in and LED, and the replacement work will be completed by the end of this month.New version of “Riding rules” display bar sample passengers friends please pay attention to the new version of “riding rules” changes consciously abide by and civilized ride!Source: Shanghai Communications