Avoided Cher, avoided ghost not a word, blew tonghua this excellent work with 9.8 minutes of fans!

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Recently, many fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan xiaobian this also feel empathy.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!# Novel recommendation # Today xiaobian recommend to everyone: Avoided Cher, avoided ghost not a word, blow tong Hua this excellent game with 9.8 minutes of fans!The first: “the city demon ghost record” author: cut introduction: this thought my whole life will be so insidious spend, did not think of to come to this secret town after the side but in succession happened a lot of strange things.Pit guide: “you come out of which corner of ah, scared to death!””I complained.” And don’t you have any classes this morning?”Shi Yitong hey hey smile, “there is no class, so I this is not to come out to see, ceng a couple of classes of Chinese department, good edificatory once own sentiment, cultivate once lost already long literature breath.”To make you a big head.Just to spend a little more time with your goddess Su Xiaoyun?Don’t know what you’re up to?But the topic of the hero Su Xiaojun but seemed to have no awareness like a smile, “it is also, the Chinese department’s classes are very interesting, I heard that several teachers or doctoral degrees.””Do we really have teachers with PHDS?I doubt it.”I couldn’t help teasing.”Yes?The dean of our college is one.”Shi Yitong interrupted.”That’s because it’s the head of the house.”We three people so have a take not a take of the words, walked to the teaching building.It has been a week since Shi Yitong’s grandfather passed away, and he gradually recovered from the grief. Or he was always sunny and cheerful, and it didn’t take long for him to return to his usual heartless state.Freshman course is not difficult, today is Already Friday, after the morning class can rest.But instead of feeling better, I felt more worried.(click below read for free) the 2nd: “half warm time” author: Tong Hua introduce: although know clearly, eventually one day, all joys and sorrows, all love and hate, can be light old at any time, I still try my best, try my best to collect, those beautiful, entwine, be worth the memory that lived for you.Early in the morning, Cheng Zhiyuan prepared a table of rich western breakfast, the two of them after breakfast, rest for half an hour, set out.On the first day of the lunar New Year, there was no traffic jam, and I went all the way. It was more than eleven o ‘clock, and I had reached the city where the two people’s hometown was.Yan xiaochen’s home is not in the city, but in a county below, cars do not have to enter the city.Although there is GPS, Li driver or a little confused, Yan Xiaochen only know how to take the bus, do not know the road to drive, Cheng Zhiyuan is clear, pointing where to turn, where on the bridge.Waiting for the car into the county, Cheng Zhiyuan said: “I don’t know the road below, but now you should know the road?””Yes.”In a small county town, it takes more than an hour to ride a bicycle and Yan xiaochen knows every street.She let li driver drive the car to a T-junction, said to Cheng Zhiyuan: “Inside is not convenient to reverse, parking here!I’ll just walk in the rest of the way.”The house here is obviously very old, it is really not convenient to get in and out of the car, Cheng Zhiyuan did not say more, got off the car, see li driver to take down the luggage, to Yan Xiaochen.Whether cheng Zhiyuan’s car, or Cheng Zhiyuan’s people, and the street is incompatible, very eye-catching, Yan Xiaochen noticed that the intersection has someone in the probe, she was nervous.Cheng Zhiyuan estimated also noticed, toward Yan Xiaochen wave, on the car, “I go, telephone contact.”(Click below to read for free) Third book: “You don’t have to be much good, I like it is good” author: Ghost Language Introduction: when I first met Gu Beichen, he was still fat, and I was a poor student.Until the bell rang, Tong Lele sprinted back and continued holding his chemistry book at the back of the classroom.I don’t know what happened to the bald teacher in the office that made him happy. As soon as he entered the class, he was beaming and asked Tong Lele to come back to class with a good temper.As soon as noon passed, the weather changed its face, dark clouds covered the face of the sun, and the whole world was overcast, as if the sky would fall down.May be the weather is not so good, the afternoon of a few classes, the class up especially not strong, everyone is lying on the desk, sleepy, the teacher saw also not angry, estimated the teacher also want to sleep.When school was over in the afternoon, it was raining under the dark sky.Failing to anticipate the sudden change of face of god, the students did not bring umbrellas or raincoats to school and basically stayed in the teaching building, waiting for their families to bring umbrellas.In general, the students see the rain is not big, have rushed into the rain curtain, anyway, wet clothes, back to the dormitory can change dry clothes.Today it was our group’s turn to be on duty, so I let Wen Jiaxin go to the canteen by herself.Both before and after the table for a group of people, tong le le due to corporate training, he left early, just behind the table SuSheng two classmates are outside, they tend to be swept away, the remaining clean the blackboard, clean the Windows, and set the table, put the stool, sweep corridor, taking out the trash and watering pot are I and lele is responsible for, we think outside SuSheng time is tight,I don’t think so.(Click below to read for free) Avoided Cher, avoided ghost, blew tonghua’s excellent game with 9.8 minutes of fans!That’s all for today’s recommendation. What would you like to say to the editor?Comment in the comments section below the end of this article, xiaobian can see oh, look forward to your comments.Avoid three thousand peach Yao, escape like fish not water, but was “he came to the waves” deeply captured heart!Following the “he and the moon as neighbors”, embarrassing demon and a sweet pet text burst fire, 9.9 points sweet overflow!”My Heart” become foil, blow “paper rose” this article, 9.8 points crazy brush can not stop!