Beware of “red envelope crowd”, student party please pay attention!

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The red envelope is very strange things seem to be really magic, no matter one point or a hundred people feel like pie in the sky is also because of the network about the red envelope scam many xiaoyu is a senior high school students.In her spare time, she often chats with her classmates through QQ.Recommended by classmates, xiaoyu, who wanted to earn pocket money, joined a QQ group of “big distribution of pocket money red envelopes”. After entering the group, the group owner immediately began to tell her enthusiastically about the rules.Group master said to pay 3 dollars can return 5 dollars, pay 30 dollars can return 50 dollars, excited Xiaoyu paid 30 yuan, group master said must pay group fee to return, Xiaoyu will pay 18 yuan.See xiaoyu so good to talk, the other side began to the unknown Xiaoyu launched a “fierce attack”, poundage, invoice fees, overtime fees and other fees one after another, the final Xiaoyu card lucky money 1500 yuan are called to the other side.At this time of xiaoyu a little “riding a tiger is difficult”, like losing red eyes of the gambler, thinking about the rebate.Xiaoyu transferred more than 3800 of her mother’s card to him, turned more than ten times, turned for a day did not return, at this time Xiaoyu felt cheated, immediately called the police, at this time she had to the other side of 5200 yuan.To make a brief introduction of the first is a kind of often see scheme has several features: large red envelopes sum banned QQ group have a task to you do they will send some has to receive a red envelope in the group of the capture these figure are either generated or to their own, but a red envelope screenshots sent to someone will think it is true but the group could not speak?After forwarding 6 groups, there will be two situations. One is to make money for the group owner immediately. The other is to send money to the group owner in the future.Ensure that everyone can get the red envelope so please go to our studio to get the red envelope this round of red envelope rain distributed in our studio, the whole live, please follow your own version download → install → register free ID→ login **** to *** room to get the red envelope;Forwarding has been sent, will you continue to do it?If it’s downloaded and installed, congratulations, you’re making money for the group owner.After you take a screenshot of the group owner, you will find that you have been kicked out of the group and blocked.Don’t invite them through your friends right away.A few days later, when you’ve forgotten about it and he changes his name and avatar and sends you a friend request, will you remember that he lied to you?Then the red group becomes coupons issued group and so on, these can create profits for their group.Anti-fraud police remind: the sky will not fall pie, grab red envelopes and transfer operations should be careful, the public is deceived, a large part of the reason is greedy for small bargains.Citizens should not easily enter the red envelope group, and do not easily open the links in the red envelope group, so as not to bring property losses.No matter what kind of telecommunications fraud form, its common ground is to let the victim to the other party dozen money, no matter how the other party rhetoric, they must not give the other party dozen money, for strange groups and reward especially attractive red envelopes to leave a mind, seeing is not real.Source: Yancheng Anti-telecom Network Fraud Center