China Taiyuan Coal Trading Center Co., LTD. Market transaction J22030540 notice

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Market Trading Forecast of Changzhi Lu ‘an Zhangcun Hengda Industry & Trade Co., LTD. (No. : J22030540)Entrusted Company: Changzhi Lu ‘an Zhangcun Hengda Industry & Trade Co., LTD. 2. Entrusted product: Zhangcun Coal 3.Note: The minimum bidding price increase range for each quotation is 1 yuan/ton.4. Reference quality indicators of commissioned products Note: The above indicators are reference indicators, and the coal quality is unstable. It is suggested that the actual measurement by both parties shall prevail.The user participates in signing up to bid trades has carried on the actual measurement to the coal quality by default.1. Registration qualification: a coal trading and consumption enterprise registered in China Taiyuan Coal Trading Center Co., LTD.3. Registration link: (See the bottom of this preview file)Deposit payment standard: 200,000 yuan.2. Margin payment method: E-commerce platforms can bind bank accounts for margin “deposit” operation through e-commerce platforms of trading centers, which can release the margin on the same day and apply for “deposit”.For binding bank account, please contact the clearing Center: 0351-68299673. Please refer to the Measures for The Administration of Market Trading Margin of China Taiyuan Coal Trading Center Co., LTD. (Amendment 2) (see the registration page) for relevant provisions on margin payment, management, refund and compensation.Trading platform: China Taiyuan Coal Trading Center Co., LTD. Energy E-commerce platform ( 2.Transaction mode: delay auction sales (1) Each bidding section of the regular trading time is 5 minutes, if there is no bid, flow single;There is a bid, 5 minutes after the system will automatically delay 2 minutes;(2) In the transaction delay stage, if there is a bid, the system will automatically restart the 2-minute delay countdown, until there is no bid in the 2-minute delay stage, the bidding section of the transaction is finished, the trading system in accordance with the principle of “price priority”, with the highest price automatic transaction.3. Transaction Time: Section A: 14:00, January 28, 2022 4. Announcement of transaction result.After the transaction is successful, the market trading results will be announced within 2 working hours.Participating traders are invited to log in to the e-commerce platform of the trading center and enter the “Personal Center” to check the “Announcement of market Trading Results”.V. Contract Signing After the transaction is successful, both parties shall sign the coal transaction contract through the e-commerce platform of the trading center within two working days.(1) Place of delivery: Zhangcun Coal Mine, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province (2) Way of delivery: road, pick up.⑶ Delivery period: January 29, 2022 — January 29, 2022 (Changzhou Luan Zhangcun Hengda Industry and Trade Co., LTD. Shall organize transportation within the contract period according to the actual situation of resource production.(4) Transaction users in the stipulated delivery period before the deadline to complete the contract agreed quantity or more than 90% of the contract agreed quantity (including 90%), can be regarded as all performance.Vii. Payment for Goods According to the requirements of the sales Management Center document of Jineng Holding Group Co., LTD. (Sales Zi of Jineng Holding Co., LTD. (2021) No. 9), the payment for coal sales shall be settled online through the e-commerce platform of China Taiyuan Coal Trading Center Co., LTD.The bidding user shall, within one working day after signing the contract, pay in cash in full to the designated account of Changzhi Lu ‘an Zhangcun Hengda Industry & Trade Co., LTD.Upon the completion of the contract, both parties shall issue invoices and settle the transaction based on the execution of the coal purchase and sales contract of Changzhi Lu ‘an Zhangcun Hengda Industry & Trade Co., LTD.(1) Quantity: The measurement result of Zhang Cun Coal Mine, Lu ‘an shall prevail.Quality: the ore is regarded as qualified.Other matters other matters in the specific implementation process shall be negotiated by both parties and shall be separately stipulated in the terms of the coal trading contract signed.Contact: Wang Pan Tel: 18636663355 Contact: Wang Xiaolei Tel: 18503517157 China Taiyuan Coal Trading Center Co., LTD. January 28, 2021 Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: