Guizhou Post Company: Build cross-border e-commerce platform to ensure smooth foreign trade channels

2022-05-19 0 By

“As a foreign trade support service enterprise, we are committed to building a leading enterprise in cross-border delivery and logistics, providing a safe and reliable cross-border e-commerce platform for the province’s foreign trade products to go out, and ensuring the smooth cross-border supply chain.”March 25, Guizhou Post company deputy general manager Wan Weimin told reporters.Wan weimin introduced that Guizhou Post has two main advantages in domestic and overseas channel capacity and customer base: one is a complete international express logistics product system and service resources covering the whole cross-border supply chain; the other is multi-channel transportation channels and resources covering core node ports.Based on these two advantages, Guizhou Post will integrate “international mail exchange Bureau”, “cross-border e-commerce” and “Import and export Commercial Express” to realize “export direct release and import direct” of international mail import and export and improve the efficiency of customs clearance, greatly reducing the logistics costs of foreign trade enterprises.Data show that in 2019, guizhou’s import and export mail volume was only 354,000 pieces. In 2020, with the support of Guizhou Government, guizhou’s import and export mail volume will reach 599,000 pieces and 843,000 pieces by 2021 after guiyang International Mail Exchange Bureau is officially put into operation.The scale of cross-border e-commerce parcel delivery business increased from 6.39 million yuan in 2019 to 10.42 million yuan in 2020. In 2021, the revenue of cross-border e-commerce parcel delivery business will reach 14.27 million yuan.Wan said that on the one hand, the epidemic has given rise to cross-border e-commerce related businesses.On the other hand, in promoting the construction of cross-border electricity won the support of guiyang customs, combined with the provincial department of commerce cross-border electricity supporting policies, promote foreign trade to the quality, the best optimum shift, to expand the import of consumer market at the same time, in guizhou local characteristic products to drive the guizhou products to go out, with characteristic of guiyang cross-border e-commerce trade expansion area.At present, Guizhou Post cooperates closely with major e-commerce companies at home and abroad, delivering more than 6,000 orders per day and providing customized e-commerce services for enterprises such as Dali Garden and Laoganma.Under this operation mode, guizhou Post’s e-commerce sales will reach 67 million yuan in 2021.Guizhou Daily Sky Eye news reporter Zhang Hongtao editor Shen Chuan editor Li Yuhong