Shandong has continued to provide targeted assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises

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Precise assistance, timely rain for small and medium-sized enterprises to strive for the annual emergency loan service enterprises 6000 (times) more than 80 billion yuan “funds in place, enterprises have resumed normal production.”In the new Tai Sanhe Wei Xin biological technology Co., LTD., General manager Nie Ming showed a long-lost smile.Originally, affected by the epidemic, the company’s capital chain problems.After the local government understood the situation, it took immediate action. Xintai Financial Holding made the guarantee and coordinated tai ‘an Bank to lend 10 million yuan, which solved the enterprise’s urgent need.The high financing cost of smes is the bottleneck of development.In order to cope with the impact of the epidemic and focus on “specialized and innovative” small and medium-sized enterprises, Shandong has continued to carry out targeted rescue and assistance. Relevant “seed” enterprises have implemented “filing and warehousing” targeted cultivation, and established a three-level rescue and rescue ledger at the provincial, provincial and county levels. Professional service institutions have been coordinated to carry out “point-to-point” targeted and inclusive services.Emergency loan service will be further expanded this year, and strive for the annual loan service enterprises 6000 (times) more than 80 billion yuan.The province has made overall plans for epidemic prevention and control and economic development, and adopted a combination of online and offline methods to help enterprises.At 5 PM on March 26, Wu Zhibing, head of Shandong Enke Agricultural Science and Technology Co., LTD., received a call that the company had shipped five carloads of feed from Qiqihar without permits.Wu Zhibing used his mobile phone to log in to the “Enterprise Appeal Scan” platform for online help. Less than an hour after submitting the appeal, he received his pass.In response to the special needs of enterprises during the epidemic period, various localities have made every effort to support and meet them.”Coordinating freight vehicles helps companies a lot.”On March 21, an official of Gerui Juice (Shandong) Co., Ltd. sent a banner bearing the slogan “Epidemic prevention and control enterprise” to the staff of Qingyun County Industry and Information Technology Bureau.Originally, the enterprise only 3 months fresh period of 10,000 tons of inventory, need a large amount of transport capacity timely delivery.After knowing the demands of the enterprises, Qingyun County Industry and Information Technology Bureau sorted out the list of logistics enterprises and registered vehicles in the county, selected special line vehicles, opened up a green channel, applied for freight permits for vehicles during the epidemic period, and issued nucleic acid test certificates for drivers free of charge.Today, the company’s 5 production lines have been restored to the busy past.Dezhou coordinated epidemic prevention and control and industrial operation, and intensified the implementation of the policy of “helping enterprises get off to a good start”.Hold online matchmaking meetings for raw material supply and demand to promote communication, docking and cooperation.Through human resources platforms and school-enterprise cooperation, enterprises have further expanded employment channels, and worked hard to solve the problem of labor shortage, thus ensuring smooth operation of enterprises.This year, Shandong will also hold a special session of “Specialized, specialized and innovative” intelligent transformation supply and demand matchmaking for small and medium-sized enterprises, promoting more than 1,000 application scenarios and fostering a new mode of intelligent manufacturing.At the same time, vocational colleges will be organized to carry out directional, order and joint training for “specialized and innovative” small and medium-sized enterprises, and a batch of school-enterprise integrated training bases with production, teaching, research and development, and entrepreneurship functions will be cultivated.(Li Zhen fu Yuting Wang Hongtao Liu Tao he Yingying)