The “EDG post-game lounge picture” went viral, and everyone bowed their heads in silence after being swept by WBG

2022-05-19 0 By

Foreword: S12 season of the game has officially begun, I believe that the vast majority of players are concerned about the recent period of time of the spring game, the LPL division of each big war team, the overall comprehensive state to maintain very stable.Edg team as s11 season’s world championship team, the new season, they are not too many personnel changes, years later, the elder brother is returned to the starting gun, everyone think this year’s Edg team scores will be very good, but in a recent fight, Edg team swept by w bg team 2-0 directly, after losing the race,Obviously can feel edG team atmosphere is very low, after the break room picture is also a fire up, the players are in silence.It is believed that the vast majority of players are familiar with EDG team. As an old strong team in LPL division, EDG team was founded very early in LPL Division 001 player, the factory director is the founding father of EDG team. During S4 and S5 seasons, EDG team almost dominated the whole LPL division.During that time, they acquired a brand new title, the LPL Civil War Fantasy Gods.However, with the retirement and departure of key players, EDG’s results have been greatly fluctuated, and in previous years, EDG could not even enter the LPL playoffs.At the time, most gamers felt that EDG’s time had passed.Unexpectedly, after a short transition period, EDG team rose again. After introducing two core players, EDG team’s performance improved rapidly.Not only won the LPL Summer championship, but also beat the top LCK teams one after another in the World Championship and finally won edG’s first World Finals championship.It also brought edG’s popularity back to its peak.After the start of the new season, EDG team did not have too many personnel changes, the previous game was just a rotation of some players, after the year, SAN Gun returned to the starting team, everyone thought that EDG team would be more and more stable, but in the fight against W BG team, there were still problems.In the match against WBG team, edG team coordination was not as good as we expected, especially in bp team, EDG team lacked the first move, and the whole control ability was not so good. On the contrary, WBG team’s overall lineup was very perfect. The most important thing was that at the last counter position,It’s Counter Counter.This kind of BP has made all the fans feel uncomfortable. Everyone also said that it is good that the problem was found in the early season, hoping that EDG team can adjust their state during this period.After the end of the game, edg team lounge figure is fire up, can feel the factory manager and the coaching staff is relatively stable, to lose the game, their mentality fluctuations is not so big, it is the players appear a few small problems, everyone in the lounge, bowed their heads and not language, or looked up at the ceiling, can feel this time,The morale blow for the whole EDG team is relatively large.After all, after winning the World Championship, edG was the center of attention.It’s not a bad thing for them to lose this time, and it’s good to see the problem early.Goodbye, I hope edG team can adjust their state during this period of time, the live broadcast time is too long, resulting in the training match effect is not good, the coaching team can make good rectification, what’s more, there are some small problems in the BP lineup, should we come up with some new gameplay, new routines?Although playing wild jiejie won the world championship, but compared with some old playing wild, he is still a little young.Let’s hope the EDG players don’t lose confidence because of this loss.What do you guys think about this?