Winter Olympics opening Ceremony: What’s not to like?

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The opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games shocked the world.Fourteen years later, The opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing amazed the world again.As a popular saying goes these days: You can always trust China.After the opening ceremony, the reporter immediately interviewed many foreign friends, including ambassadors, entrepreneurs, scholars and students studying in China, and asked them to describe their feelings of watching the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games.Foreign friends said that the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics was brilliant and creative.The success of such an amazing event on such a large scale in the face of the pandemic once again demonstrates China’s capabilities.Through the successful opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games and its unique design, China has sent a positive message to the world calling for unity and joining hands for the future.The 24 solar terms, every second is “Chinese style romance” “I am still very excited.What’s not to like about such an opening ceremony?”Iranian Ambassador to China Mohammad Keshawalzadeh watched the opening ceremony live at the Bird’s Nest and said those beautiful scenes will become his fond memories of the world’s first “Olympic City”.”China has once again shown the world its strong organizational capabilities.I congratulate all those who participated in this grand opening ceremony and hope that Beijing 2022 will bring joy and hope to people around the world.”Keshawalzadeh said he was impressed by the creativity throughout the opening ceremony.”The countdown to the 24 solar terms shows’ Romance of Chinese style ‘every second.There are clips of ordinary Chinese passing the national flag, and every moment is a symbol of the unity of the Chinese people.The countdown to the 24 solar terms is fun and fascinating for people to learn about Chinese culture.”Keshawalzadeh said that through such an opening ceremony, China has demonstrated to the world its strong solidarity, strong management ability and determination to cooperate with other countries to defeat the epidemic.”The Beijing Winter Olympics will serve as a model in the fight against the epidemic.China’s experience in coordinating the fight against COVID-19 and hosting the Winter Olympics, as well as in many areas, can be used for reference by other countries.”At 1 am on February 5th, Armenian Ambassador to China Sergey Manasaryan was still in an excited mood after returning home. “It was wonderful!Very, very, very wonderful!This is a view shared by all of our ambassadors who are here today watching the opening ceremony.”Manasaryan said the opening performance was very rich, with different chapters bringing different feelings and many exciting moments.China sent an important message to the world through the opening ceremony: we can only be strong if we are united.The diplomat, who has served as ambassador to China for nearly six years, was impressed: “We have no other way.We cannot be strong without common ground, without our common efforts.We face a common future, which is the premise of our thinking and our communication.I think that’s an important message of the opening ceremony.”Elia George Kyamo, Namibia’s ambassador to China, said he was glad to see leaders and representatives from all over the world attending the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, even though the world is facing many serious challenges.China has once again called for unity in fighting the epidemic and joining hands for the future.He would like to congratulate the opening ceremony on its success.’It’s not easy to host the Winter Olympics as scheduled despite the epidemic, let alone ensure that so many heads of state and guests will attend the opening ceremony,’ said Ivan Bin Yi, president of BIE Group China.China’s epidemic prevention measures and organizational management capabilities are in place.Under the current complex international situation, China’s successful hosting of the Winter Olympics is conducive to global peace, stability and sustainable development.He also noted that China has fully considered the sustainable use of Olympic facilities while preparing for the Winter Olympics, which will well promote the development of ice and snow sports in China in the future.LAN Wu, executive director of the Finnish Chamber of Commerce, was also impressed by the design of the countdown to the 24 solar terms.’The opening ceremony on Feb. 4 coincides with the start of Spring solar term,’ she said. ‘The 24 solar terms link the Winter Olympics to Chinese culture in a clever way.’As always, Chinese celebrations are a perfect visual experience, “like fireworks.China is the home of fireworks.””The opening ceremony was a good start and I wish I could have been there to watch it.I look forward to the complete success of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics without political interference.”China has put a lot of effort into it and really made history by hosting the Summer and Winter Olympics in the same city.”Nuss said.Nasser Bouhiba, chairman of the Moroccan Association for Chinese Cooperation and Development in Africa, who watched the live broadcast of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics from Morocco, said the ceremony brought the power to unite and hope the world.”The opening ceremony was a wonderful feast of positive energy and boundless hope carefully prepared for the people of the world.The opening ceremony is timed at the start of Spring, a traditional Chinese solar term, reflecting the Olympic spirit that resonates with people all over the world. These designs are so exciting and full of longing for the future!”He added that the spectacular opening ceremony also showed that China has proved to the world that developing countries, with self-reliance and extensive international cooperation, can always put on a first-class international sporting event.”As long as we break barriers and unite to advance hand in hand, the people of developing countries will be prosperous and prosperous together and the future will be full of hope.”Tanya, a Ukrainian student from the School of Social Sciences at Tsinghua University, watched the live broadcast of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics with more than 200 classmates.She was full of praise for the opening ceremony: “All the programs were great!You can see how much effort and sweat people put in.It is amazing that China is able to prepare such a large-scale opening ceremony and host the Winter Olympics during the pandemic.The Chinese people are truly amazing. Your unity, patriotism, enthusiasm, hard work and seriousness contributed to the success of the opening ceremony.”Editor: Ge Shenghua