Zhang Yimou is once again a diviner. Sniper is expected to surpass 1 billion yuan at the box office

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It is because of the southeast direction of the little dove lost, so more certain in the Spring Festival must see “Sniper”, this is the trust for Zhang Yimou.Release for five days, “sniper” box office less than half of the “bears”, row piece of quantity could be shortcomings “sniper” both in the total number and watch the total number of is far less than the bears, return to the earth, so have a good story and good actors, director of the film is income so not too ideal, was surprised.Comparing the two films, it is true that “Boonie Bears after Earth” advantage is obvious, “Sniper” is low.Is it the reason why audiences like to watch comedies during the Spring Festival?Watergate Bridge has taken in 2.2 billion yuan in its first five days, 10.81 times more than Sniper.It’s not that audiences don’t like this kind of movie. Maybe there are other reasons why Sniper didn’t make it into the audience’s mind.Low at the box office and exhaust less perhaps and Zhang Yi, ZhangYu, zhang about this three Zhang Yi Zhang Yi not starring movie has a few scenes, and to the whole story driven almost no effect, if the movie starring Zhang Yi, believe the audience will have a stronger desire to watch, after all, the audience is very trust Zhang Yi pick scripts, and his acting skills.Just because Zhang Yi is not the leading actor, so there is no hype in the aspect of “translation”, in fact, there is no hype is also a good phenomenon, at least “Sniper” does not want to deceive the audience into the cinema.Zhang Yu unstable leading actor Zhang Yu in the film “Nobody” performance won a lot of good reputation, but with Ma Li “Northeast Tiger” performance is not good.After 23 days of release, the box office of Zhang Yu is less than 17 million yuan. It seems that zhang Yu’s box office appeal is not that prominent, so the audiences in the Spring Festival season do not trust this film a little. Zhang Yu needs a good platform for training, and his opponents are also strong, so as to inspire him to perform better.Zhang Yimou is busy with Winter Olympics Chinese director Zhang Yimou has been talking about the cold reception of his latest film “Sniper” during the Spring Festival.The movie originally had three promotional points:Zhang Yi, zhang yimou and ZhangYu, the rest are newcomer actor, itself does not have these new actors box office appeal, and the Spring Festival period of intense competition, Zhang Yi not starring, ZhangYu unstable, zhang also busy, so “sniper” box office is low and less and the three of them the objective reasons of inseparable.The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, directed by Zhang Yimou, has once again been crowned a god. Every program is so wonderful that the details used are incomparable that after watching it, I really want to shout.Perhaps because of the success of the Winter Olympics, snipers was already seeing a steady increase in screenings in its fifth day.The proportion of screenshots and the number of screenshots has steadily increased since February 3, especially February 5, which has a large increase, the biggest hero is undoubtedly Zhang Yimou.Sniper is sure to do well, too, as long as Zhang finds time to promote it.Prior to its release, Sniper was expected to make between $600 million and $1 billion.As the number of screenshots increases and Zhang yimou gains good word of mouth again, sniper has a great hope to break the 1 billion mark at the box office.”Sniper” no big scene images, using the main actor is a rookie, the story also limited by space and time, this kind of small-scale battle of is definitely not the spiritual enjoyment on the vision, it is like a needle, irrelevant to some people’s hands, but once pierced to the heart of some people, that’s very deadly sting of tears.”Sniper” almost done without any holes in detail, especially the big overweight carrying iron to save bright when the enemy first interrupt the traction rope, rope tied up on the large iron interrupted, then hit the hands of overweight, finally a gun kill him, a gun shot directly hit the tears,Such is the cruelty of war and the fact that skirmishes are not stupid.There is no pity for the enemy, perhaps the more brave the more respected by the other side!”Sniper” is a war drama, without any excessive rendering, with the most real, sincere Angle to reflect the small battlefield thrilling.The egg of the movie is fourteen words “the youth to the motherland, this golden age welcome you home”.After reading these ten words, the heart is not the taste, thank you to the martyrs of seventeen or eighteen years old, let more seventeen or eighteen years old young people enjoy peace.Zhang yimou’s approach to war is unusual, and there are plenty of surprises and metaphors, just like the Winter Olympics, hidden plots.Did you watch Sniper during Spring Festival?What is it about “Sniper” that makes you think Zhang Yimou is paying attention?