Do not return the money owed, the execution of the detention of the Chinese New Year!

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From January 24 to 30, The Ninghua Court carried out special enforcement actions on cases related to people’s livelihood.The court launched the “wake up service” afraid of being detained to take the initiative to reconcile qiu mou hired in wu mou construction site work.Qiu was injured when he fell from his house while working on October 27, 2019.Classics appraisal, qiu mou disable grade is a 9 class.Both sides due to compensation matters negotiation failed to court, the court ordered Wu compensation qiu mou economic losses and emotional compensation.After the ruling came into effect, Wu only paid 10000 yuan after no longer perform the obligation of compensation, Qiu then applied for execution.In the process of implementation, both sides have reached an executive reconciliation agreement, but Wu mou has not been fulfilled.On January 29, the executive judge received a report that Wu had returned home, the executive judge immediately dispatched to the court will still sleep In Wu detention.The executive judge persuaded Wu severely, and told him that if he did not fulfill his obligations, he would face the consequences of judicial detention.Under the threat of detention, Wu reached an execution reconciliation agreement with the applicant on the spot, paying 25,540.11 yuan on the spot and promising to pay off the remaining compensation of 25,000 yuan before June 30, 2022.On March 1, 2019, a logistics company in Fujian province signed a transfer contract with a communication shop operated by Xu. Both sides agreed that the logistics company will transfer part of the express business department to the communication shop, and transfer the express deposit of 5,000 yuan and transfer funds of 5,000 yuan.All items and facilities in the sales department store belong to the communications store.Since the business could not continue, both parties decided to terminate the contract.Because the logistics company refused to return 5000 yuan deposit, Xu appealed to the court.During the trial, the two sides reached a mediation agreement, and the logistics company paid the communication shop 4,000 yuan in a lump sum before November 30, 2020.After the mediation took effect, the logistics company legal representative Zhou is still no repayment intention, Xu then applied for execution.In the process of execution, Zhou refused to return the deposit for various reasons, and even avoided execution, and disappeared for a long time.January 24, learned that Zhou mou whereabouts clue of the executive stem police will be arrested to the court.After understanding the difficulties of enterprises, uphold the concept of good faith execution, the executive judge patiently do their ideological work, urge them to take seriously and try every means to fulfill their obligations.In the end, Zhou paid 1,000 yuan on the spot and promised to pay off the remaining 3,000 yuan before the 15th day of the 2nd Lunar month in 2022. If the payment is overdue, the applicant will be given an extra 1,000 yuan.On November 22, 2020, Xie borrowed 55,000 yuan from Yi for lack of capital turnover.After expiration, yi mou urges xie Mou for many times to beg without fruit, hence xie Mou appeals to the court.In the process of hearing the case, both sides reached a mediation agreement, but Xie mou did not fulfill repayment obligations from beginning to end.After the case entered the execution procedure, Xie mou refused to repay the debt because of business difficulties, and then it is playing “hide and seek”, refused to receive the police call, refused to return the police information.On January 26, the executive judge received a report that Xie mou had returned home, the executive police immediately dispatched to arrest the court.In the implementation of the police interpretation of the law many times, Xie mou without remorse, still for a variety of reasons continue to refuse to perform obligations, ninghua court decided to implement judicial detention for 15 days.During the special execution, Ninghua Court searched 10 times, posted 24 summons, investigated 25 people at home, detained 12 people subject to execution according to law, and actually detained 1 person subject to execution. Five cases of execution and reconciliation were reached, and 9 cases were executed, with the amount of 512,900 yuan.Source: Ninghua Court