Enshi Longfeng Town: playing the march of renovation of human settlement environment

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All media reporter Du Yuting correspondent Chen in Wandan bird ‘s-eye view of Shanmu dam village.(Photo by correspondent Xu Shanqi) The site comments on the construction of beautiful courtyard demonstration households in Guchangba Village.Clean and tidy double yan Tang village market town.Build ditches.The scene of the “Four Clearances and four Integrations” rally.Recently, walking into the streets and alleys of Longfeng Town, Enshi City, I saw the roads clean and tidy, the buildings scattered, the villagers bathed in the warm sun, leisurely stroll, feel the new changes brought by the concentrated renovation of the living environment.Since 2021, Longfeng Town has strengthened the planning and management of market towns, improved the level of construction and management, carried out comprehensive environmental management, and created a clean, bright, civilized, standardized and orderly new image.Today, an ecologically livable, beautiful environment, local style and civilization “dragon and phoenix ensemble” is on the stage.”Four Qing Four whole”, played the renovation “theme song” to carry out the renovation of the living environment, not only to dismiss the old, but also to welcome the new.On November 30, 2021, Longfeng Town sounded the special action gathering number of “Four Qing and Four Whole” to improve the living environment.The action of the day began from the market town, town comprehensive law enforcement brigade, Longfeng village, Sanhe village, Longfeng community party cadres, the new era of civilized practice volunteers more than 50 people to participate in the action.In the central town of Longfeng, a resident invited two workers to help him remove a “blue roof” from his roof.”It used to be built to prevent leaks and rain, but now the government has launched a concentrated clean-up campaign, which makes us realize the urgent need to remove the ‘blue roof’.”‘said.A “blue roof” is shorthand for a steel shed on a roof that has been carelessly erected.These canopies are often located on the roofs of urban buildings, supported by steel frames and welded blue flat canopies.”This kind of structure has some protection against rain, but in windy weather, it can easily cause safety accidents.”Longfeng town two violation office said.In 2021, the blue roof in Enshi was blown off and injured in strong winds.Up to now, the town removed a total of 448 “blue roof” 58166 square meters, and put forward by the town unified organization design slope roof transformation style, continue to use the existing work methods, to point with surface, spread across the line, improve the township “appearance level”.In addition, the town also organized the signing of “five packages in front of the door” responsibility of more than 300, has realized the full coverage of the street merchants.”At a glance, all the shops along the street are neat and uniform, ‘psoriasis’ has been cleaned up, the environment has become better, so our old street can be so clean.”A shop owner looks at the cleaned streets in admiration.To improve the environment means to improve people’s lives and promote development.In order to clear disorderly build, clear disorderly stop, clear wire line, clear red and blue roof, renovate market town order, renovate along the road, renovate the exposed mountain, renovate the tomb scattered burial as the main content of the “Four qing four whole” special action, Longfeng town to carry out the renovation of human settlement environment in full swing.Will be taking the “four clean-ups” next, longfeng town four whole ‘initiative and’ I does the practical work for the masses’ organic combination, make “four clean-ups four whole all-in shard responsibility system, focus on regional environmental renovation responsibility have special operation, normal operation of make activities, full participation, to ensure that the” four clean-ups four whole see substantial, XinJi, effectively improve living environment, improve the residents’ happiness.”Cheng Junyi, party secretary of the town, said.At present, shuangyantang Village in Longfeng Town is full of vitality, with neat houses in front and back.Liu Yunzhong, party secretary of Shuangyantang village, said that wang Yang, a villager, was somewhat disaffected by the idea of environmental governance in the village: “If we can’t do all the serious work, how can we think of such things?”How to do?Do not rely on foolhardy demonstration.Shuangyan Tang village brought some villagers to tunpu township huazhishan village investigation, looked at the village beautiful courtyard of the demonstration households, the villagers’ heart heat up, in the village enterprise funding, the village first help active with the villagers to get rid of courtyard weeds, garbage, and then planted green trees.More and more villagers are willing to clean up their courtyards.Gradually, Wang Yang could not sit still and took the initiative to contact the village cadres.With the help of the village, Wang repaired the dam and filled it with plants.”Trees behind the house, flowers in front of the house, new homes in beautiful country.”Wang Yang sighed.Party members take the lead and the masses follow suit.Longfeng Town insists on the implementation of style construction on people and things, and organizes all villages to rely on the grid management system, and strengthens all the cadres of organs and villages to work in the grid, and groups to pack pieces and wall map operations.All party members serve as grid leaders to take the lead in carrying out renovation work, creating models, forming demonstrations, and promoting renovation actions without distortion and out of shape.The villagers consciously, playing rectification “happiness song” rural development, the environment is the background.Three points are renovation and seven points are maintenance. How to establish a long-term mechanism to make rural “appearance level” permanent?Town party committee, government through in-depth investigation and research, the key to solve the problem surfaced — “cadres do, the masses see” outstanding situation, must wake up the main body consciousness of the villagers, let the villagers from “sleeve hand see” into “hands do”.To this end, Longfeng town has established a long-term mechanism of rural living environment regulation — “civilization points system”, and carried out with the idea of “first pilot, then promote”.With the pilot promotion of the “civilization points system” for the improvement of rural living environment, many good experiences and good practices have emerged in villages.”Hu, your yard is really good, give you 5 points, keep it up!”Recently, Shanmuba village “two committee” cadres, villagers representative line came to villager Hu Lianzhi home, hand a rating table, in the courtyard, the house carefully looked at, from time to time in the rating table outlined two, have expressed affirmation of the neat courtyard.Hu was overjoyed to receive recognition and praise.After the implementation of the “civilization points system”, the village regularly organizes health evaluation and encourages people to exchange points for participation in labor production, protection of environmental health and improvement of family education, etc. Those with higher points can also be listed on the “red list” on the propaganda board at the entrance of the village, which makes Hu Lianzhi become an activist to accumulate points.One by one, new improvement results have been brought about, and the transformation from the outside to the inside has quietly happened. Villages are doing better than each other, and families learn from each other. The long-term mechanism has inspired the people’s spirit of ownership, and brought about a significant improvement in happiness, sense of gain and satisfaction.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn