Free and Easy Sword: Dou Nian

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Zhou jia uppour five or six generation, should be landlord class.The first time to go free, ancestral home also left a section, although it is broken walls, but also can see once brilliant.Arrived however is the time change, once like the castle-like earth board building, in modern eyes, it is too dilapidated.The feeling of the first glimpse of free and unfettered is into the fabled poor home in the mountains and forests, unable to describe its decadence with words and see it when the heart shock.The adobe ash outside the house drops from time to time, telling its history.It was dark inside, and the floor was raw dirt, uncemented, potholed and uneven after generations of trampling.The smoke and fire of the years had smoked the roof into charcoal color, lighting the lamp can not see the decoration inside the house.What’s more, the electric lights in the room, if a faint, will not be brighter than candles.Go in for the first time, if not he led, even direction is not clear.Small village, less people, high mountain road far, in order to survive, can only be a little ruthless, survival of the fittest, so nature aggressive.In the greater part, clans fought among clans;To a small point, between relatives of the same family fight ancestral property;A little bit smaller, brother to brother.Zhou Dia also fights, but belongs to the typical fight won since young.Slowly, also became alive only in the clan to repair ancestral graves write genealogy will be remembered by the name.But he won in a good attitude, never think he lost, only that he disdained to fight with others.Be really say nasty, answer 1: “I am not the worst again, still have a lot not equal to me!”A perfect practitioner of ah Q spirit!It is because of this spirit of guidance, the home has become the first time to see that.No, in addition to the ancestral home, there are two other buildings in the back.The difference between it and ancestral home is: ancestral home is built of earth brick, it is built of red brick.It has something in common with the ancestral home: both are wooden floors.The former is a success that Zhou Dia feels he can boast about in life, while the latter is automatically ignored.Although he never won any battles with outsiders, he did not lose one thing: he had a son, his own!It was nothing to show off to others, but to his cousin across the wall, who had given him a hard time with his fist in his youth, it was naked bragging rights.He was good at everything, never lost a fight, never made less money, never had a bad decoration, but his son did not.Not a son, not even a daughter, not even one of my own flesh and blood!Although I have adopted a son and a daughter since childhood, but they are not my own, this matter is like a thorn in the flesh, over time, others ignore the traces, but they still feel faint pain, even more and more pain.Later, half of the ancestral home was torn down and the foundation split in two. Half was built by my cousin’s brother, and the other half belonged to Zhou Dia.The two rooms in the back were said to be buildings but somewhat different. They were not buildings themselves but were really built as buildings. In fact, it was a thorn in Zhou’s heart.Against all other persuasion, he built a new building from the new ground.This time, from the inside to the outside, from the top to the bottom, really are reinforced concrete pouring, no longer said to be different.The thorn in the heart of Week dia pulled out, the cousin in the heart of the next door was much more thorn.In the past, there was no demolition of the ancestral home, and there was a wall between the two houses. His real house was a building, and the next door was a wooden floor. Everyone knew that everyone had a high and low point in his heart.Now, ancestral home demolition, he did not share the foundation, no place to contend.Half of them were built by their brother and half by their cousin, so they could not see their house from outside except for an alley.The light is gone, the front door is gone, what’s the use of a good decoration?Like a brocade in the night, who will see?An old disease, a new wound, pain on pain!Chinese New Year is a play.Every family wants to be in it with a script.However, there is no guarantee that everyone will get a leading role or that others will cooperate with your performance.Happy still remember just enter the door of the two years back when the scene: home desolate, dim light;Food bowls on the table in twos and threes, chicken, fish, meat, eggs old four;There were three treats on the plate: peanuts, melon seeds and sunflower seeds, not to mention a dog.Always make people feel like a different world, doubt whether we really live in modern times.Next door?Fighting for years, the new village chief;There were people coming and going;You pour my respect, hand over a cup for a cup;Fireworks and firecrackers, the Spring Festival Gala.When he is proud, he always pulls zhou Dia and his son to sit and have a look.Free and easy always lightly sit on the side, see they have a take a take of the chat, embarrassed to face paralysis.Sometimes think: when people show off, the thorn in the heart will disappear?Perhaps, for a short time!Week dia after all still did not lose, win in he has children.His children gave him grandchildren.Year after year, day after day, more family, naturally lively.Finally, his son also bought a house, a car and a home in the city.Finally, the table also began to seven plates, eight bowls, put out.Finally, the snacks on the table also keep up with the pace of The Times, with a variety of good-looking packaging.When it comes to Chinese New Year, it feels like the two sides are switched.Next door retired the village head, from now on nobody.The son daughter that embrace raises is like the kite that puts out, sometimes can recover in time, sometimes can’t, therefore, some years stick Spring Festival couplets, set off firecrackers, some years sleep to the sun three poles to start afresh.That’s what happened.Zhou Dia’s laughter is gradually bright lang, the sound of the next door gradually dull.In the past two years, the younger brother next door has been out of town, so he directly moved into his brother’s new house and opened a kiosk, feeling popular again.She’s all smiles again.Zhou Also lives in the new house at the front, where the two families are still side by side.It is not easy to turn over so many years, the results did not pressure, weeks dia in the heart a little bit not taste.It wasn’t a stab, but it felt like a muffled punch, and my chest filled up.It’s Chinese New Year again this year.On New Year’s Eve, the younger generation should bid farewell to their elders, and the younger brother should bid farewell to his brother.When his cousin next door didn’t come, Zhou Dia sent his son to his house to buy two packets of betel nuts, but he didn’t see the owner.Wait until the Spring Festival gala is finished, and put New Year’s eve firecrackers, still did not see the next door.Zhou Dia fell asleep in silence.The next day, the first day of the New Year, the clans pay New Year’s greetings to each other.The younger generation is supposed to pay New Year’s greetings to their elders, and the younger brother to pay New Year’s greetings to his brother.Early breakfast, Zhou Dia sat by the fire, squinting and so on.I didn’t say what to wait for.His son was going to buy two packets of betel nut, but he stopped him.After waiting for a long time, nothing happened. The son asked his grandson to buy a box of fireworks and came back to say that the next door was still having breakfast.The son said, “Why don’t I go first?”Week dia stared one eye: “I am a brother!”Finish, or squinting, side of the fire and so on.After another cup of tea, there was movement in the next room.The cousin’s son brought his girlfriend over to pay a New Year call to Zhou Dia.His face was full of joy and his body was full of pride.Sitting a cup of tea, get up to go to other family members home worship.After waiting for him to get up, Week dia leisurely sighed tone: “embrace come over so many years, also want to marry a wife.”His son knew it was telling him to return the favor next door.Fight a lifetime, seem to have lost, seem to have won, and seem to have no!Ah!Who knows?About the author: Jiang Zi, born in Xiangtan, graduated from Hunan First Normal University.These years, opened a shop, put stalls, but did not carry a gun.Once poor to want to play for people pennant, wealth has not opened zhang.Dream sword go tianya, wake up chalk when rice catch.Our fathers feed pigs, we teach, it is a living, each according to his skill.Cup in hand, the world I have;When the wind blows, feathers fly.Occasionally frivolous, occasionally lost, occasionally addicted, occasionally intoxicated, occasionally smirk, occasionally aftertaste, floating life, all kinds of realm, such as drinking water, each has its own taste.Neither a gentleman nor a thief.No great talent, small luck;Write as you wish, speak as you wish.This teaching industry, not all over the world, but for the future if there is a baby trouble, do not talk about the teacher!Hahaha!Look up and laugh three times, free and easy sword is also!