The U.S. forces quickly withdrew to the rear, and The Russians made the “choice” and landed the deep strike system

2022-05-20 0 By

The situation between Russia and Ukraine has been very tense, and countries are also “watching”, as long as there is any change in the evacuation of the first time.We hope for world peace, but it is better to resort to force if there are some conflicts that cannot be reconciled.The United States and Russia have been talking on and off for three years, and the result is still a muddle, with little progress on either side.So some of Russia’s actions, not “reckless” but out of necessity, can not remain a stalemate?According to foreign media, the Russian army, which always likes “heavy firepower”, has mobilized nuclear artillery to the front line and deployed a large depth strike system in the front line.The move was seen as a sign of “readiness to fire” and speculation that the Kremlin had already made its choice.And this time, the nuclear artillery was ordered to attack by the Russian side of the “fire” order.Why does the mobilization of some heavy firepower mean that Russia has “killed heart” and wants to solve the current confrontation thoroughly by force?First, with satellites, reconnaissance planes and unmanned aerial vehicles as the core of reconnaissance and monitoring, four Iskander missile brigades are responsible for enemy targets at a depth of 500 kilometers, and hundreds of air defense missiles and forward aviation units are responsible for air defense protection.This system of large and deep strikes may not be enough to defeat American forces, but it is more than enough to wipe out a Ukraine.In information operations, a self-contained heavy artillery with 1-3 rounds of precise, targeted killing of enemy targets is a nightmare for Ukraine.To overwhelm the weak with the advantage of “information”, precision guidance capabilities, the end of the battle will be exceptionally early.The system itself is designed for combat.If Russia deploys a defense system, the U.S. troops will not rush to the rear.Second: Russia has been “very persistent” in the talks, which is why the U.S. military chose to take a step back.The whole world knows that after several fruitless negotiations, the situation will be passive to the next step, that is, open war.It’s like a “gas canister” that keeps filling it with gas but won’t let go of the valve, and it’s only a matter of time before it explodes.And the attitude at the negotiating table, to some extent, reflects Russia’s attitude that it will not let go.There are many experts on the Internet to analyze what kind of advantages Russia has. In xiaotie’s opinion, Russia has the advantage over Ukraine naturally, even if it is a ground hedge, it can easily win.The key is NATO and the United States behind it. Although the United States is retreating quietly, throughout the history of war, the United States will “strike” every time and never give up the opportunity to make money from war.So you have to be careful, either you don’t strike, you kill, you don’t give the US a chance to prolong the war, you don’t get dragged into the quagmire.(Article/Small tie)